Monday, 23 July 2012

July favourites

Its coming to the end of July and I thought I would share with you guys my favourite beauty products that I have especially enjoyed in July!

Mac Harmony blush, Mac coygirl blush, Mac peachtwist blush,
Illamasqua loose powder and pencil in Wilful,
Illamasqua lipstick in drench
Maybelline gel liner
Collections 2000 lasting perfection foundation.


This blush I bought recently and have been loving! It is a pink with a lilac undertone. The finish of this blush is matt. I don't normally go for matts as I have dry skin and just find shimmer generally more flattering on me, but I really like this one, it looks really nice and fresh on the cheeks. 
I swatched it on my hand sheerly then more heavily...


This blush is totally matt. This shade is not flattering on my complexion for blush, but the reason I purchased it was because I thought it would make a lovely contour powder. I don't contour on a daily basis but when I am creating looks I always reach for this to contour my cheekbones. It gives such a natural finish and is so easy to blend (which is the tricky bit when contouring). I swatched it on my hand sheerly then heavily...


This blush is an amazing dark peachy colour with gold shimmer through it. I love this blush for those days when I want  a stronger blush with more colour on my cheeks. I think this blush would look amazing worn heavily on darker skin tones, for myself I wear it sheerly on the apples of my cheek and it gives me a lovely bronzy glow (without giving me orange cheeks). I swatched it on my hand sheerly then more heavily...


I discovered this foundation this month and I am really impressed with it! It has a really good staying power and the colour matches me really well (which is hard for me when looking for a foundation). I like that it has a yellow undertone which blends with my skin perfectly, and for the price I would definitely be purchasing again. 


swatch is one swipe of the lipstick. WOW!
I find it so hard to find good matte lipsticks at affordable prices and I have to say this lipstick (which I got in the illamasqua sale for £7.50) is a stunning colour and finish! It is in-between a red and pink and has amazing colour payoff in one swipe. I like wearing this colour as a lip stain applying it sheerly then blending it into my lips with my finger. £7.50! A total bargain my revlon lipsticks are more than that!


This loose powder absorbs the oil on my face without giving me cake face. I have a dry complexion so hate it when powders make me even dryer, but this one sets my makeup perfectly. I also love that this powder has a yellow undertone so it blends really well into my skin. 

This liner is as good as mac backtrack fluid line. It does not smudge, transfer and stays on all day! I love it when doing clients as I am so certain it won't budge even on oily lids. Ive had it for about 3 months and have used it loads and I'm not even near the end of it. Dust got into it when it dropped on my dressing table but when I use it, it doesn't pick up the glitter- so Im happy. 

Leave your July favourites, have any of you tried these products, what do you think?



  1. Definately going to check out the eyeliner and that lipstick after reading this! Thanks!x

  2. Go for it! And have a look on illamasquas website they have lots of other things on sale for really cheap! Like concealor for £5 in selected shades, cream foundation, powder foundation all at really affordable prices
    thankyou for commenting and reading my blog
    xxx Sanna

  3. Sanna i have to say your work is amazing! The techniques used for various looks really is enticing and it enhances ones beauty even more.Thank you for sharing your tips with us..keep on rocking :)

  4. Aww thankyou so much! And your most welcome! let me know if you have anything you would like me to do a blogpost on and I will try my best to produce it xxx

    1. That would be fantastic :) if you could please help produce a basic blusher look with a normal pink blusher. Would be much appreciated thanks xxxx

    2. definitely I will do! Many eid looks coming soon and yes I will do a blusher post :)xxx

  5. I don't know where to start from, i love the drench lipstick and Sanna you look so professional. The techniques you have used are great! keep up the good work, Lots of Love Xx

  6. Thankyou! Your support is appreciated thats such a lovely comment :) xxx

  7. hey sanna awesome post!
    I love the tag you put on your photos with your name.
    but just a suggestion that the photos are a little bit too close so its hard to see so maybe take them just a little bit from farther away?
    anyhow love you this was so helpful xxx

  8. Hey! and haha i didn't know how to put my name on so I did it on a app it looks rubbish but going to sort that out, and yeah I will do next time, and love you too! Glad you found it helpful, please leave your name so I know who it is lol xxxx


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