Monday, 17 December 2012

Festive makeup ideas: Green sparkle!

Hey blog readers/followers!

 This look was inspired by Christmas and I thought I should share with you guys how I created it so you can maybe try it out for Christmas or a party.. or whatever you like really. Its green on the lid with a pop of green and silver glitter in the centre with a matt red blended through the crease, because it was inspired by Christmas I thought I would pair it with a bright orange/red lip. I hope you take some ideas from this post and enjoy reading about how I created this look! 

As always I started off with my eyeshadow base (mac soft ochre paintpot). I then applied tape following my lower lashline up, so I get a nice sharp edge to my makeup. I then took the dark green from the Sleek ultra matt darks palette and applied this on the beginning of my eye and on the outer corner in a wing shape leaving a section in the middle. In the middle section I then applied Maybelline colour tattoo in eternal silver

I then applied the matt red from the sleek glory palette and applied this through my crease, blending the green slightly into it. I didn't want to blend this too much, otherwise the red would have changed colour. In the inner corner I applied a little of Illamasquas intrigue blush and applied this on my browbone as a highlight. 

Then I took the silvery grey colour from the sleek glory palette and applied this in my inner corner on top of the Illamasqua intrigue blush and also took this a little on my lower lashline. I then applied the green eyeshadow on my lower lashline and concentrated it more on the outer part blending in. I removed the tape and connected my lower and upper lashline colour together. In my waterline I applied a green eyeliner by avon in the shade emerald.

To finish off the eyes I mixed a green and silver glitter to apply in the centre of the eyes. I prepped this area by applying lash adhesive and then applying the glitter with a brush. The lash adhesive will really make the glitter adhere to the eye, catching every particle making it really pop. I then went back with the red shadow and applied this in my crease to blend slightly where the glitter stopped. 

I then applied a thin line of maybelline gel liner to my upper lashline and winged this out slightly. I applied some eylure double lashes in 202 to really bring the whole eye makeup look together. I filled in my brows with Illamasqua brow cake in Thunder.

For the face I mixed Rimmel 25 hours and Illamasqua rich liquid foundation together and applied this with my Louise young domed foundation brush. I applied collections 2000 lasting perfection concealor on any blemishes and underneath my eyes. 

Using my Nars Ita brush I contoured my cheekbones with Mac studio fix powder in Nw55, and with a Illamasqua blush brush 2 applied Mac blusher in ambering rose and Mac silver dusk on the top of my cheekbones for a highlight.

For the lips I lined them with Illamasqua strumpet pencil and filled them in with Illamasqua lipstick in Ignite. 

Will you be trying this out for Christmas? Leave your thoughts in the comments below

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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Festive makeup ideas: Purple smokey eyes

Hey blog readers/followers!

Today I thought I would do a blogpost showing you how you can achieve this gorgeous purple smokey eye with a bright red lip. You can do nude lips if you prefer. I think this look is great for a party and for this festive season, so I hope you get some ideas from it and recreate it if you like it! 

I firstly applied my eye primer (I used mac soft ochre paint pot all over the lid). I then went over this with Illamasqua cream pigment in mould (a dark purple) on my lid to give the eyeshadows more colour intensity.

With a flat brush I then packed on mac beauty marked (a matt black with purple glitter) all over the lid in a round shape. I then blended this out with the purple shade from the sleek ultra matt darks palette- taking my brush in circular motions to really buff out the edges.

I then took Blitz ( a metallic gold) from the urban decay vice palette and applied this in my inner corner and used anonymous underneath my brow. On top of blitz I applied some vaseline in the inner corner and then some gold glitter (the vaseline really helps the glitter to stick well).

Then to finish off the eyes I applied beauty marked on the outer corner of the lower lashline and blitz in the inner corner and half way through the lower lashline. I added some vaseline then gold glitter where I applied blitz and then applied cat liner starting from the outer half of my eye with maybelline gel liner. I applied Illamasqua fat pencil in fickle (a bronzey gold) on my waterline and then changed it up after with mac smolder. 

For foundation I used Illamasqua rich liquid and revlon colorstay and collections 2000 lasting perfection concealor underneath my eyes and on any blemishes. I filled in my brows with Illamasqua brow cake in thunder and applied mac studio fix powder in nc55 as my contour and Illamasqua naked rose as my blush. For highlight I used Topshop sunbeam. To finish off the look I lined my lips with Illamasqua strumpet pencil and filled them in with Mac ruby woo.

Will you be rocking this purple smokey eye? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Make your own lipstick palette

Hey blog readers/followers! 

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I posted a picture on Instagram not so long ago of me depotting my lipsticks putting them in a palette. I received quite a few questions on this so thought I would make a blogpost on it. This is a cheap, easy and travel effective way to store your lipsticks, if your like me and have loads and find it really space consuming to carry them everywhere with you then this may be a good solution for you! 

You will need

1. Lipsticks (duh)
2. Something to put the lipsticks in (either a empty palette or something else). I used a nail tip case. Its a good case because it is hard plastic (you don't want flimsy plastic because you want it to hold your lipsticks well and when we melt the lipsticks you don't want the plastic to melt too). This cost me £2.50 with tips. I just took the tips out and used the case. It clicks shut- which is great because we don't want our lipsticks drying out later.
3. A candle/lighter/flame
4. Spoon
5. Knife/spatula (something to scoop the lipstick out with)

1. Take your lipstick and scoop it all out with your spatula or knife. Make sure you get right at the bottom because a lot of product will be stuck there. So just go around with your spatula and then pop the lipstick out and place it on your spoon.

2. Then place your spoon underneath the flame. You will see the lipstick melting- this happens pretty quick too, when the lipstick has gone runny, thats enough time with the flame. Don't hold it too close to the flame- it doesn't take much to melt them. Don't worry about your lipstick as when we put it in the palette it will cool down and go back to its previous waxy properties. 

3. Carefully pour your lipstick in to the section of the palette you want it in. You will notice it will come to a straight level. This is going to make our palette look neat and also easier to work with than just scooping the lipstick in without melting. Less product will be wasted.

4. Repeat for all your other lipsticks. Leave the melted lipsticks in the palette to set- and they should in about 15 minuets. Don't forget to wipe your spoon and spatula/knife clean to prevent your lipstick colours changing/ getting mixed. 

If your depotting Mac lipsticks don't forget Mac have a back to mac programme where if you return 6 of their primary packaging containers (in this case I'm talking about any empty lipstick cases you may have when making this palette) you receive a FREE lipstick. For more information on this visit Maccosmetics 

I hope you all found this useful, let me know in the comments below if you will be trying this out

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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Quick and easy festive eyes

ITS DECEMBER!!! (well duh!)

Heres a quick and easy way to create a gorgeous glittery eye makeup look!

Products used
PRIMER- Mac soft ochre paintpot
GOLD SHADOW- Sleek storm palette
EYELINER- Maybelline gel liner
LASHES- Eylure Sarah Harding lashes chopped

1. Start of with a eyeshadow base as always and fill in your brows. The eyeshadow base will not only help keep your eyeshadow on for longer, but it will also provide a nice sticky, crease proof base. 

2. Apply vaseline with your finger all over your lid, make it more concentrated at the root of the lashes and less vaseline as you reach your crease. Make sure not to apply too much, as this will make the glitter crease. You want a really thin layer.

3. Taking the glitter of your choice and either your finger tip or a synthetic brush, put this where you applied the vaseline- again make it more concentrated at the root of the lashes. 

4. Apply a shimmering light gold eyeshadow in the inner corner and on the brow bone 

5. Wing out your liner and apply some half lashes to add to that winged, cat eye effect. You could also apply some glitter liner on the lower lashline for that extra bit. 

Your done! 

Will you be trying this out? Let me know in the comments below

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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Sultry smokey eyes


Heres a quick post to show you guys how to get that gorgeous sultry, winged out smokey eye 

Products used
PRIMER- Mac soft ochre paintpot
EYESHADOW- Sleek ultra matt darks
EYEBROW HIGHLIGHT- Illamasqua Intrigue blush
KOHL PENCIL- Mac smolder
LASHES- Illamasqua lashes
CONCEALOR- Mac studio finish

1. Fill in your brows and prime your eyelids. Then apply tape from your lower lashline going up.

2. Pack a matt black shadow with a flat brush all over your lid in a cat eye shape, avoid taking this in the crease. You could leave it like this if you want a cat eye!

3. Take a medium brown shade and buff this in the crease with a blending brush (I used Illamasqua blending brush 1) to blend out the black then apply the black underneath the lower lashline and take into the inner corner.

4. Apply your brow highlight and buff slightly into crease to blend it out then line the upper and lower lashline with kohl pencil

5. Add some lashes and conceal underneath the eyes to make the eyes look bright

Easy Peasy your done!

Let me know what you think in the comments below! Will you be rocking this smokey eye?

Love Always 



Monday, 3 December 2012

Bobbi Brown soothing cleansing oil review

Hey blog readers/followers! 

So for you guys who follow me on instagram most of you must have seen the mini review I put up when I just used my Bobbi brown cleansing oil. This is a product I really want to tell you all about because it is revolutionary! 

I never really saw the big deal with a 'cleansing oil' because I thought olive oil would do the job and it is much cheaper! But when trying this product at my aunties whilst I stayed there I was blown away...

This is such a light oil that removes all your makeup effortsley and the best bit is you only need 1 pump at maximum. It improved my skin so much and made it much more softer at the touch, I noticed an improvement in how clear my skin looked because this really did remove every single bit of makeup/impurities that was on my face!

£29 for 200ml
£42 for 400ml 


The Bobbi brown cleansing oil comes in a white box with the bobbi brown logo on it. 
The product itself is 200ml and comes in a bottle made of sturdy plastic.

It comes with a pump and what I love about this pump is that the tube hits right at the bottom of the bottle- which means when I get to the end no product will be wasted because every little bit of oil will be sucked up! I love this about the packaging because it really annoys me when I have a pump in a foundation for instance but then it doesn't pick up all the product at the bottom and I have to open it and literally scoop it out- now thats not hygienic is it? You can also lock the pump which comes in handy when travelling lessening the chances of it leaking in your bag.

I also love love love that the bottle is clear allowing me to see how much product I am using/have left this can be really convenient because I can go buy a back up before it runs out! hehe

The product

The texture of the oil is very pleasant, it glides on my skin smoothly without feeling heavy or greasy. It has a gorgeous jasmine smell, but don't worry its not too overpowering so for those of you who don't like fragranced skincare you should be fine with this.

I apply this using a dry face and dry hands, I use one pump and massage it into my face. I have even used it to remove a full face of dramatic makeup and waterproof products and it has removed these so easily 

The ingredients

 Kuki nut moisturises the skin and penetrates it leaving a lovely smooth non-greasy complexion. It absorbs into the skin quite quickly and is great for dry or damaged skin because of its moisturising properties. Its great for people with sensitive skin and is used to treat skin conditions such as Eczema, chapped skin, acne scars, acne and dry skin.

Sunflower oils is also helpful for acne sufferers, people with dry skin, acne scars or Eczema. It can help with irritation of the skin and has inflammatory properties 

Jasmine flower fresh jasmine flowers contain a high amount of etheric oil which is believed to have follicle boosting and skin nourishing properties. They work their best at night because of their sedative properties, they also have a lovely scent and calmative relaxing properties. 

My experience with the Bobbi brown cleansing oil

This oil is so easy to use and so effective. I am not a person to take out cleansers and put them on the cotton pad and slowly and gently remove my makeup and this cleansing oil is perfect for me. 
I have even tried it with a full face of dramatic makeup on and it has removed it so easily leaving my skin feeling moisturised and replenished.

My skin is very dry so this is perfect for me, all I use is half a pump on my hand and then rub and massage into my face like I would with my moisturiser, the oil penetrates into my skin whilst it removes all the makeup.

I even use this cleanser when I have no makeup on because I love the result it gives to my face. My face feels so soft and it helps me to clear up any blemishes I may have.

When I wash the oil off it emulsifies turning in to a white liquid (kind of like a soap), this helps by leaving no oily residue on the skin but just moisture that has actually worked itself into the skin. 
I can't really rave about this cleanser any more because it is just simply brilliant. 

It does retail at £27 but with how much product you get and what a good job it's doing- I doubt I will be running out anytime soon! 

Just to add, I think this would be great for oiler skins too because of the ingredients and oily skin does actually benefit from a nice oil time to time as the face will stop producing excess oils if it is getting enough.

 Take a look at Bobbi Browns cleansing oil here... I guarantee its worth it!

Have you tried this cleanser? What are you currently using/recommend? Leave your thoughts in the comments below

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