Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Desio eyes contact lenses review/impressions

Hi beauts!

Oh my... It has been such a long time since I last blogged! If you have been following me on my Instagram/Facebook/Twitter you will see that I have been working on makeup looks like mad. I have also had exams so now they are done with- back to the blogging, yeay!

I came across a brand called Desio eyes on Instagram. Their contact lenses are by far the best I have seen- they look so natural. Apparantly they are made for dark brown eyes, so I was very eager to see how they would show up on mine. Desio sent me some samples to try and I chose the colours creamy beige (light grey) and desert dream (light/medium green). Desio are based in Italy and very established in the UAE with stores all over.

Contact lenses come in these little plastic covers with solution and in
the little pink cardboard carrier
Desert dream (left), Creamy beige (right)

I was also sent some advertising leaflets by Desio with a basic colour guide for other lenses. Often contact lenses do not show up true to colour on dark brown eyes as the pigment is so strong- but I am super impressed with these! Totally live up to my expectations.

Here are some snaps with the contact lenses in- look how opaque and natural looking they are!




These lenses are so super easy to apply! They are quite a thin lens compared to other lenses I have tried in the past making them so easy to pop in and also give your eye enough oxygen when wearing them.


Because the lenses are so thin you don't even feel as though you have them in after application. I have had them in for more than 8 hours and they don't make my eyes feel heavy or achey like other lenses have done in the past.


These lenses are definitely luxury! I love how they don't have a heavy black line around them. They are crafted so beautifully that they actually look like your real eyes. I have had so many compliments on them and you can only tell they are lenses when looking very closely.

These lenses are also available with a prescription. Prices are as follows...
-Plano (nothing) up to -6,00 is 34 euro (£29)
-Powers over -6,00 and positive is 44 euro (£37.30)

The lenses have a life of about 3 months- but personally I don't wear them everyday only for my looks and occasions so I would give them a bit longer.


The lenses unfortunately don't come with a lens case. For the price I do think they should! However for luxury lenses which look completely natural I don't think £29 is a bad price. I have seen some really false looking and plasticy lenses on the high street for £15. So £29 sounds good to me! Especially because they look so good and gain so many compliments. Available to purchase from www.desiolens.com

Keep a look out on my Instagram/Fb/Twitter for more Desio contact lenses and looks I have created with them!




  1. WOW, they look amazing on you o: Great!

  2. Hello, do you know where else I can get buy 2 get 1 free as on Solution-lens now ? I tried so many shops and I really prefer products from this shop as they only have genuine items and they offer 1 free pair for every order of 2 pairs, but I am still open if someone knows better deal ? Thank you !!!

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  4. Which one do you like better? Also, have you tried forest green and mint touch I have heard they are nice to! By the way are y pakistani??? U don't look like it!!! But either way mA u are gorgeous girl :) jzk tc!

  5. I so love this eye colors and I wanna try this too! Hopefully this contact lenses brand is also available here in our place.
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  6. Your so very beautiful and your eyes and make up are so perfect. I have recently bought a pair of contact lenses from Eye doctors East Side NY and I really love it.

  7. Thanks for sharing. They look great! I just ordered fresh look color blends in light brown to try out.

  8. can i ask what your natural eye colour is?

  9. hello may you send me your agent tel no in saudi arabia please

  10. you should be more natural so get rid off these annoying jewellry

  11. You are looking so gorgeous with these contact lenses, but you should not try many contact lenses on your eyes without prescription, b'coz many times it could be harmful for eyes.

    Tania Stevens

  12. They both look virtually WHITE in both sets of photos...I mean, they look absolutely gorgeous and natural on you, but they are VERY similar in color to each other from what it looks like...

  13. yes plzzzzzzz can you tell us where they sell it in UAE

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