Tuesday 19 November 2013

Illamasqua perfect pout gift set and swatches

Hey guys!

Todays post is on a closer look at the Illamasqua perfect pout gift set. It's a limited edition set of 6 matte lipsticks and landed itself just before Christmas (perfect gift for a lipstick lover). The lipsticks retail at £16.50 each but you can grab the set for only £60 saving you £39. 

Lipsticks work out at £10 each! Exclusive to this set is 'Isis' a red with pink undertones. This set has the perfect 6 shades for any lipstick lover ranging from cool toned pinks, warm toned, rose, corals, red and purple. 

The set includes...
-Plunge (baby pink)
-Fable (soft medium pink)
-Scandal (coral pink)
-Over (coral)
-Isis (pink red) EXCLUSIVE to this set
-ESP (violet purple)

Picture taken with flash
Picture taken in natural daylight


Picture taken in natural daylight
Plunge 'bright mauve pink'

Plunge in my opinion is a baby cool toned pink. If your a big fan of your pinks and you like the cool barbie tones- then this may be the perfect one for you to try out. It is a matte pink which means you can wear it matte, or you can layer a gloss on top for more intensity or try out different colour glosses on top to alter the colour. I think this colour would look awesome with a sheer purple gloss on top to add some colour which is how I would personally like to rock it (maybe something like Illamasqua tantrum). 

Fable 'bright rose pink'

I totally agree with Illamasqua on the description of this lipstick. Although the word 'bright' may put some people off, I would definitely say it isn't a in your face rose pink, bright but pretty and muted if that makes any sense at all! Love this colour to rock with any makeup look as it has that perfect in the middle tone.

Scandal 'warm coral pink'

This is a warmer pink shade with orange undertones. From my current lipstick collection this is the most unique colour in terms of corals as it is very warm and just in between pink and orange perfect for you guys who want to rock the orange but are very much into your comfort zone of pinks.

Over 'bright coral pink'

This colour is a gorgeous medium coral shade. I love that it isn't too light as most corals can be- it could work for all skin tones. This lipstick is also matte. I would wear it with a pop of a lighter gloss or concealor in the middle of my lips for an ombre effect (and to make them look fuller) or a tiny bit of a nice rose gloss on top for a satin finish lipstick.

Isis 'red pink' EXCLUSIVE to this set

Isis is very similar to a colour Illamasqua discontinued called 'Drench'. It is a red pink- Drench was more of a deep pink/red but I can see that Isis is the improved version. It is also matte and is definitely more of a red than a pink, you can see that the lipsticks has a pink undertone but would without a doubt be identified as a red rather than pink. I would rock this with a slick of liner, lashes and fierce brows for a pin up/fresh red lipped makeup look. This lipstick needs to be the centre of attention!

ESP 'vivid violet'

This lipstick colour is amazing! If your daring- you need to try it. I have owned this since the paranormal collection launched and loved it. Out of all the Illamasqua lipsticks I own, I do find this can go patchy if I don't apply a little balm on my lips to prime or lipliner so make sure you do that. It is a vibrant violet and I find it has some blue tones in it which really gives it that daring feel- it seems to be like a subtle frost finish rather than a flat matte colour.

Let me know what you think in the comments and what your fave shade is! You can find this set at www.illamasqua.com or Illamasqua stores worldwide

Don't forget if your on a budget but still looking for the perfect lipstick lover gift you can try the two toned lipstick bundle (£30 saving £3 online exclusive) or the pout perfection set (lipstick, lipbrush and lipliner £47.50).

Friday 15 November 2013

Artist of makeup Zukreat Cosmetics Haul, Swatches & review

Hey guys!


OMG. So it has been a super long time since I last blogged. I have found it really hard to keep up with creating all the new makeup looks you see on my IG and Facebook that I just forgot about my blog! Keeping up with it now for sure as I have so much to show/tell you about.

Lets start off with AOM cosmetics launched just recently by YouTuber Zukreat Nazar. I have been following her for a long time- her looks are amazing and her makeup line does not dissapoint. Super pigmented, amazing price and colours to die for! All products come in pan form and her line is based around customising your colours to suit you. Her palettes are available to purchase separately or already filled in for you.

On my YouTube channel I filmed a full review and haul on the products I got. Check it out for a better insight into my opinions on her new line.

AOM contour and highlight sticks (£18 each)

Picture taken in natural daylight
Contour stick-Medium
Highlight stick-Light
AOM HD eyeshadows (£6.50 each)

Empty 30 pro palette £18
Empty 15 palette £12
Empty 9 palette £6

AOM HD eyeshadow top picks/faves

AOM HD Contour powder (£14) and HD Blush (£10.50)

Lashes (£4.95-£14), extreme art eyeliner pen £18

Zukreat £14, Hepburn £4.95 , Loren £8.50
-Flawless coverage foundation
-Highlight/contour sticks
-Contour powder 'hollow'
-'Kryptonite', 'cocoa', 'halo' HD shadows

-'black smoke', 'cocoa' HD shadows

What would you consider purchasing from this line? Leave your thoughts in the comments! Check out the products at www.artistofmakeup.com xxx

Saturday 13 July 2013

Illamasqua sale top picks

Hello beauts!


Hope your all well. As you all must have figured out by now, I'm a huge Illamasqua fan! Love their products so much which is why most of my looks contain a high percentage of their products. Illamasqua regulary do a sale; winter, summer- just like the clothing shops. It's a great opportunity to try some of their products if you haven't before and things are so cheap starting from £5! It's also great if you love a good bargain and want to add lots more makeup to your bag. 

Here are my top picks which I think are an absolute bargain and amazing products...

1. Medium pencil in 'Vow' £5 (RRP £13)

This product is a off white creamy pencil. Illamasqua describe it as a 'cool apricot yellow'. This pencil is amazing to open up the eyes when applied to the waterline. Instead of the typical white, it gives a more natural, doll eyed effect. Perfect for summer to brighten up those eyes! It would also be good as a base for eyeshadow (drawn on the lid and then blended out) or to highlight around the brows or brow bone- even as a nude lipliner if you have really fair skin! Or you could use it as a base to lighten up any lipstick shades.

2. Medium pencil in 'Debonair' £5 (RRP £13)

I love this bright blue shade! Amazing summer colour. You could wear it with a neutral eye in the waterline to add a pop or smudge it underneath your lashes. I love that Illamasqua medium pencils are so creamy which means you can draw and smudge- use it as an eyeshadow base for a bright blue smoky eye or create a winged liner.

3. Cream pigment in 'Androgen' £7.50 (RRP £17.50)

Illamasqua describe this colour as a coral. Androgen actually comes across more pinky and salmmony to me- but coral is a good summary! I actually love this pigment for combatting really dark circles. Salmon/peach combat blue and purple tones underneath the eyes. It can also help to brighten up the area- but beware because a small amount goes a really long way! I would reccomend either buffing a tiny amount before concealor with a blending brush or after, right where you can see the discolouration. Cream pigment in Androgen is also so amazing as a peachy coral matt lipstick or a cream blush! It works amazing as a base for pink shadow too.

4. Intense lipgloss in 'Succubus' £7.50 (RRP £14.50)

This lipgloss is so beautiful. Illamasqua intense lip glosses are like a liquid lipstick- they are so pigmented. This blood red gloss is perfect for achieving the hollywood glam look. A blood red is blue toned so suits most skintones. You can layer it over a matt lipstick for even more intensity and an all night wear.

5. Cream blusher in 'Seduce' £10 (RRP £18)

If you love a rosey pink blush then this is perfect for you. A tiny- literally a touch goes a very long way. Illamasqua cream blushes are insanely pigmented but blend so easy. I love that you can build it up to be a very rosy pink or apply the tiniest amount for a nice flush. Its great for everyday because it is so easy to apply with fingertips and leaves a lovely dewy finish. It can be layered with powder blusher for a more intense look. Personally this is my favourite for everyday and when I am in a hurry- looks so fresh, effortless and takes seconds to apply and blend.

6. Precision ink in 'Havoc' £10 (RRP £18)

This deep aubergine, purple/brown liquid liner is an amazing alternative to the classic black liner. The precision inks come with pointed sponge applicators allowing you to create the perfect flick. They have an amazing long wearing formula which is perfect for these hot summer days. The colour is very appealing- so unique and really adds a pop to your eyes without being too daring.

Did you buy anything from the Illamasqua sale? www.illamasqua.com 

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Tuesday 9 July 2013

Desio eyes contact lenses review/impressions

Hi beauts!

Oh my... It has been such a long time since I last blogged! If you have been following me on my Instagram/Facebook/Twitter you will see that I have been working on makeup looks like mad. I have also had exams so now they are done with- back to the blogging, yeay!

I came across a brand called Desio eyes on Instagram. Their contact lenses are by far the best I have seen- they look so natural. Apparantly they are made for dark brown eyes, so I was very eager to see how they would show up on mine. Desio sent me some samples to try and I chose the colours creamy beige (light grey) and desert dream (light/medium green). Desio are based in Italy and very established in the UAE with stores all over.

Contact lenses come in these little plastic covers with solution and in
the little pink cardboard carrier
Desert dream (left), Creamy beige (right)

I was also sent some advertising leaflets by Desio with a basic colour guide for other lenses. Often contact lenses do not show up true to colour on dark brown eyes as the pigment is so strong- but I am super impressed with these! Totally live up to my expectations.

Here are some snaps with the contact lenses in- look how opaque and natural looking they are!




These lenses are so super easy to apply! They are quite a thin lens compared to other lenses I have tried in the past making them so easy to pop in and also give your eye enough oxygen when wearing them.


Because the lenses are so thin you don't even feel as though you have them in after application. I have had them in for more than 8 hours and they don't make my eyes feel heavy or achey like other lenses have done in the past.


These lenses are definitely luxury! I love how they don't have a heavy black line around them. They are crafted so beautifully that they actually look like your real eyes. I have had so many compliments on them and you can only tell they are lenses when looking very closely.

These lenses are also available with a prescription. Prices are as follows...
-Plano (nothing) up to -6,00 is 34 euro (£29)
-Powers over -6,00 and positive is 44 euro (£37.30)

The lenses have a life of about 3 months- but personally I don't wear them everyday only for my looks and occasions so I would give them a bit longer.


The lenses unfortunately don't come with a lens case. For the price I do think they should! However for luxury lenses which look completely natural I don't think £29 is a bad price. I have seen some really false looking and plasticy lenses on the high street for £15. So £29 sounds good to me! Especially because they look so good and gain so many compliments. Available to purchase from www.desiolens.com

Keep a look out on my Instagram/Fb/Twitter for more Desio contact lenses and looks I have created with them!



Monday 22 April 2013

3 Scarves, 3 looks & Momina pearls review

Hi loves!

Hope your all well. Today I'm bringing you a review of Momina Pearls- a small business that sell scarves and accessories. They sent me three scarves (which are gorgeous) and I thought what fun is just a review- so I have created three different looks to compliment the different scarves.

I chose two of these headscarves (the owl grey and tribal red) and they kindly sent me another one which was so unexpected and its beautiful. I really do like these scarves which you will see why in the review at the end. Here are my looks!

Tribal red

This scarf is a red scarf with grey, orange and greeny colours. It has a sort of Aztec design on it. Its really beautiful to add some colour to your outfit and is great if you like patterned scarves. I teamed this scarf up with a bold makeup look- going for a matte yellow on the lid with teal in the crease and lots of lash. I kept it really girly with bubblegum pink lips and purple liner.

-TT hazel contacts from Hair city
-Tribal headscarf only £4 from Momina Pearls
-Illamasqua eyebrow cake in thunder
-Nars sheer glow foundation
-Bourjois chocolate bronzer
-Illamasqua sophie blusher
-Mac chrome yellow eyeshadow
-Sleek ultra matte darks eyeshadow palette
-Mac whisper of gilt extra dimension skinfinish
-Urban decay midnight cowgirl eyeshadow
-Rimmel kohl pencil in jungle green
-Illamasqua precision ink in havoc
-Mac 44 lashes & Ardell wispies
-Illamasqua manic medium pencil
-Illamasqua lipstick in Immodest
-Mac Viva glam Nicky 2 lipstick
-Illamasqua perform intense lipgloss

Geometric border 

This scarf was the one sent to me by surprise and I love all the different colours in it. It was so hard deciding on what colours to use as there was so many to choose from. I ended up going for a purple shadow on the lid with orange in the crease and turquoise glitter liner.

-TT blue contacts from Hair city
-Geometric boarder scarf from Momina pearls
-Rimmel 25 hours & Illamasqua RL
-Illamasqua eyebrow cake in thunder
-Maybelline fit me concealor
-Sleek ultra matte darks and bright palettes
-UD Vice palette
-Maybelline gel liner
-Collection 2000 glam crystals in 5
-Mac smolder eye kohl
-Eylure 147 lashes
-Bourjois chocolate bronzer
-Mac peaches blusher
-Mac whisper of gilt
-Illamasqua lipstick in blaze

Owls grey

This scarf is my favourite. Its the perfect casual scarf that is the perfect colour to pop on with anything. I also love that its kept quite simple. I teamed this scarf up with something glam and smoky. I went for a silver/grey smokey eye with double winged liner. I love how this makeup elongated my eyes and really opened them up as I was using very light eyeshadows.

-TT green contacts from Hair city
-Owls grey headscarf from Momina pearls
-Rimmel match perfection & Illamasqua RL
-Sleek ultra matte darks palette
-UD Naked 2 palette
-Illamasqua eyebrow cake in thunder
-Illamasqua concealor
-Maybelline gel liner
-Illamasqua precision ink in scribe
-Illamasqua intrigue blush
-Bourjois chocolate bronzer
-Illamasqua naked rose blush
-Mac silver dusk
-Eylure 145 lashes
-Mac creme cup lipstick

On to the review...

PRICE 10/10
These scarves all retail at £4 and the Geometric boarder £3. In my personal opinion I feel like this is very reasonable for the quality of the scarves (same as Primark).

The quality was pretty good considering the price- the scarves felt really soft and stayed on my head pretty good without slipping back. I also like the material, the owls grey scarf seems like a slightly thicker material to me than the others which is what I prefer but nevertheless its only a small difference. The only thing is that I found the scarf to catch on my pin which pulled the thread which is why I have given it an 8. 

I love the designs that I chose and also what they have on their Facebook page, as they seem very unique and have a good range. I would like to see more plain scarves for example tassel headscarves and in a range of different colours. These are great for everyday and as a nice staple as they go lovely with lots of outfits. 

My scarves reached me in about 3 days from when I confirmed- which is fast shipping! I also received some free accessories and scarf pins. The lovely Kiran who I had been messaging to and fro who owns Momina pearls was so lovely and her customers seem to love her too. She responds almost immediately and updates her Facebook page regularly. Her shipping fees vary from £2 which is very affordable and I would definitely purchase my scarves from this company.

Would you rock these colours? Don't forget to follow Momina Pearls on their Facebook and Twitter and get your stunning scarves and accessories at a bargain!xxx

Friday 19 April 2013

Baobella £150 Selfridges gift card haul!

Hi beauts! Hope your all well

It seems like ages since I last blogged. I have been so busy creating lots of new makeup looks, trying new products, freelancing and organising a ladies night that was last week! Phew.. stress over

First of all I would like to say a big big thank you if you voted me to win the Baobella bloggers go pro competition. I didn't win.. but I came second with a £150 gift card! Its such an honour. I don't know if any of you guys remember my post on the Baobella bloggers go pro competition- if your new to my blog or haven't seen it you can check it out here. 

How cute is this pink little envelope! 
Heres the look I came second with...

I went for a ultra glam 1960s inspired makeup look

Of course I cashed out my £150 gift card on makeup and it didn't take me long at all to spend (probably about 15 minutes). Here's a snap of what I purchased...

The first counter I visited was Nars. I love Nars blushers so much and couldn't wait to get my hands on another one. I was looking for a natural everyday shade and the lady at the counter suggested 'Lustre'. I tend to stay away from peachy shades- but when I tried it on I could instantly picture it as a casual, everyday blush- it also gave my cheeks an amazing glow.

Nars lustre blush RRP-£21.50
The second counter I visited was Mac and boom my whole gift card was spent!

I love the Mac mineralize powders- they give such a beautiful glow to the cheeks and can be worn naturally or very heavy. I have been eyeing up Gold deposit and Dainty for a while. I have actually used Gold deposit MSF in a look already because I couldn't wait to try it. How gorgeous do these baked powders look?!

Left- Mac MSF in Gold deposit RRP-£21.50
Right- Mac Dainty Mineralize blush RRP-£19

Next, I went for Oyster girl lipglass and Brick lipliner. Currant lipliner is the only lipliner I have tried from Mac and the formula is amazing! The liner lasts for ages and really does stop lipstick from bleeding. Because I love Currant so much I thought I would try Brick as it is a classic red that would go with most red lipsticks. Oyster girl lipglass is a beautiful nude pink with gold shimmer.

 Left Oyster girl lipglass RRP-£13.50
Right- Brick lip pencil RRP-£11.50

The rest of the money was spent on lipsticks! My makeup collection is quite huge as you can imagine but it lacks a good lipstick collection as I have never been confident with my teeth or smile and didn't want to draw attention to it by applying lipstick. BUT since I have had braces my teeth look much better and I am much more confident with my lips and smile so needed some new lipsticks for the collection and also some colours to experiment with in looks.

From Left to right- Viva glam Nicky 2, Candy yum yum, Creme cup, Yash RRP-£14 each

Lipsticks without flash
Lipsticks with flash
Swatches without flash
Swatches with flash
I think thats a nice little selection there. Purple, pink, nude and brown toned nude? I can see these colours working for so many different looks!

I also bought the number 44 lashes which are very dramatic and elongated. Here are some snaps of looks I have done with some of the new products I bought with the gift card.

Using Mac 44 lashes
Using Mac lipstick in Yash and Mac MSF in Gold deposit
Using Mac 44 lashes, (left) Viva glam Nicky 2 lipstick,
(right) Candy YUM YUM lipstick

 Do you own any of these products? A big thank you to the girls at Baobella for this amazing competition! 


Love always