Monday, 3 December 2012

Bobbi Brown soothing cleansing oil review

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So for you guys who follow me on instagram most of you must have seen the mini review I put up when I just used my Bobbi brown cleansing oil. This is a product I really want to tell you all about because it is revolutionary! 

I never really saw the big deal with a 'cleansing oil' because I thought olive oil would do the job and it is much cheaper! But when trying this product at my aunties whilst I stayed there I was blown away...

This is such a light oil that removes all your makeup effortsley and the best bit is you only need 1 pump at maximum. It improved my skin so much and made it much more softer at the touch, I noticed an improvement in how clear my skin looked because this really did remove every single bit of makeup/impurities that was on my face!

£29 for 200ml
£42 for 400ml 


The Bobbi brown cleansing oil comes in a white box with the bobbi brown logo on it. 
The product itself is 200ml and comes in a bottle made of sturdy plastic.

It comes with a pump and what I love about this pump is that the tube hits right at the bottom of the bottle- which means when I get to the end no product will be wasted because every little bit of oil will be sucked up! I love this about the packaging because it really annoys me when I have a pump in a foundation for instance but then it doesn't pick up all the product at the bottom and I have to open it and literally scoop it out- now thats not hygienic is it? You can also lock the pump which comes in handy when travelling lessening the chances of it leaking in your bag.

I also love love love that the bottle is clear allowing me to see how much product I am using/have left this can be really convenient because I can go buy a back up before it runs out! hehe

The product

The texture of the oil is very pleasant, it glides on my skin smoothly without feeling heavy or greasy. It has a gorgeous jasmine smell, but don't worry its not too overpowering so for those of you who don't like fragranced skincare you should be fine with this.

I apply this using a dry face and dry hands, I use one pump and massage it into my face. I have even used it to remove a full face of dramatic makeup and waterproof products and it has removed these so easily 

The ingredients

 Kuki nut moisturises the skin and penetrates it leaving a lovely smooth non-greasy complexion. It absorbs into the skin quite quickly and is great for dry or damaged skin because of its moisturising properties. Its great for people with sensitive skin and is used to treat skin conditions such as Eczema, chapped skin, acne scars, acne and dry skin.

Sunflower oils is also helpful for acne sufferers, people with dry skin, acne scars or Eczema. It can help with irritation of the skin and has inflammatory properties 

Jasmine flower fresh jasmine flowers contain a high amount of etheric oil which is believed to have follicle boosting and skin nourishing properties. They work their best at night because of their sedative properties, they also have a lovely scent and calmative relaxing properties. 

My experience with the Bobbi brown cleansing oil

This oil is so easy to use and so effective. I am not a person to take out cleansers and put them on the cotton pad and slowly and gently remove my makeup and this cleansing oil is perfect for me. 
I have even tried it with a full face of dramatic makeup on and it has removed it so easily leaving my skin feeling moisturised and replenished.

My skin is very dry so this is perfect for me, all I use is half a pump on my hand and then rub and massage into my face like I would with my moisturiser, the oil penetrates into my skin whilst it removes all the makeup.

I even use this cleanser when I have no makeup on because I love the result it gives to my face. My face feels so soft and it helps me to clear up any blemishes I may have.

When I wash the oil off it emulsifies turning in to a white liquid (kind of like a soap), this helps by leaving no oily residue on the skin but just moisture that has actually worked itself into the skin. 
I can't really rave about this cleanser any more because it is just simply brilliant. 

It does retail at £27 but with how much product you get and what a good job it's doing- I doubt I will be running out anytime soon! 

Just to add, I think this would be great for oiler skins too because of the ingredients and oily skin does actually benefit from a nice oil time to time as the face will stop producing excess oils if it is getting enough.

 Take a look at Bobbi Browns cleansing oil here... I guarantee its worth it!

Have you tried this cleanser? What are you currently using/recommend? Leave your thoughts in the comments below

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