Saturday, 21 July 2012

Perfect Cat liner!

Hey guys..
So I hear a lot people find getting the perfect liner really tricky

This is my technique to getting it really sharp and the same on both sides, thought I would share it with pictures, when I do a blogpost on a look I have created you will see the liner better

For now I just did a basic liner and took pictures as I went along


-Gel liner, kohl liner or liquid liner
-Concealor & an eyeshadow base
-Brow pencil or eyeshadow if you need it!

All I did for the first step was apply my concealor & eyeshadow base

My eye.. bare!
For the second step I took my gel liner on my pointed brush and following my lash line I drew a line following it going up, (repeat on other eye so you get the same size line).

Make this line depending on how long or short you want your wing to be

The next step is to draw a line from your eye which will meet the 1st line we created, you should end up with something like this

Do the same on the other side so we get the same result!

Then fill the gap in on both sides and carry the line on across your eye, don't worry if it isn't perfect, go over the line with your brush to make it straight if you have any wobbly bits, or if you want to make the line thicker

Then fill in your brows to shape the eyes. Add a white or skin coloured liner to your waterline to give a bright eyed look (I chose skin coloured liner as I think it looks more natural).

Add mascara on your lower and upper lashes
To add some drama and make the look a little more sophisticated, using a crease brush take a matt brown eyeshadow about 2 or 3 shades darker than your skin tone and define your crease ( I used urban decay buck). Then add a darker eyeshadow to the outer edge of the crease and wing out ( I used urban decay busted).

For an evening look add some black kohl pencil underneath the eyes and in the waterline (making sure to blend and joining the line with the cat liner). Then add a brow highlight (I used urban decay virgin).
I took the liner to the inner part of my eye to elongate it futher

For more drama! Add some more of the dark shade in the crease and add lashes that wing out to add to the cat eye shape.

TIP!- If your wing isn't as sharp as you would like, to clean it up take a cotton bud and swipe it up from your wing and you should get a defined sharp line with a pointed edge!

Then your done! Thank you for taking the time to read, hope you found useful x

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