Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Natural everyday smokey eye using drugstore makeup!

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Ok.. on to the fun stuff!

Heres a step-to-step guide on how to create a everyday brown smokey eye. I chose the colour brown because black can be overpowering for everyday and is better for evening looks. To add, I think brown is good for people with small eyes as it is a colour that is warm and can open up the eyes if worn properly. 
Remember you don't need to use the exact products I used have a look in your makeup collection for something similar instead of going out and buying everything! 


-Sleek storm eyeshadow palette
-Maybelline colour tattoo in on and on bronze 
-Maybelline 2 in one impact shadow liner (brown)
-Bourjois volumizer mascara
-Illamasqua pencil in hex (optional)

To start, you will need a blank canvas. So apply concealor underneath your eyes and on your eyelids. This will ensure the eyeshadows will apply true to their pan form.

Secondly, apply your maybelline colour tattoo. Pat on with your ring finger. Remember its a natural everyday look so we don't want a block of bronze, we want a sheer bronze wash of colour. These colour tattoos are really good for everyday because they do not budge, which means no creasing throughout the day.

Next, using your maybelline eye studio liner or brown eyeliner, line your lash line. Don't be afraid to go quite thick because we are going to blend it out using our ring finger to give a softer more natural look.

Then take this matt brown shade from the storm palette and blend this through your crease. For people who want their eyes to appear larger then blend this just above your crease to give the allusion of more eyelid space. Go over the top of the crease with your ring finger to ensure there is no harsh lines and the crease looks perfectly natural and blended.

After this take this matt black shade and create a wing like you would with eyeliner. For tips how to get the perfect wing read my blog post on perfect cat liner. For small eyes I advise not taking this in all the way to the tear duct area as lining our eyes all the way with black can close them up sometimes making them even smaller. Starting from where your lashes start is a good way to make eyes appear bigger as attention is not drawn to the whole of the top lid. Going thinner at the beginning is also a useful tip for elongating small eyes or even big eyes.

To soften this look and make it look pretty I blended this shimmery brown eyeshadow where we applied the black, it also blended the black shadow making the look less dramatic and more wearable.

Add some highlight! Taking this champagne highlight colour use this on your brow bone and in your tear duct area to brighten up the eyes.
For people with small eyes putting shimmery colours in the tear duct
area can really open the eyes up. Putting a skin colour eyeliner in the waterline can also open eyes up, brightening them here I used Illamasquas medium pencil in hex.

For me, I really hate my eyes appearing small so I wear false lashes! Here I applied some natural false lashes and some mascara to my lower lashes opening my eyes up. If you don't need eyelashes just apply mascara and you're good to go.
Maybellines eye studio liner half way to add some drama
 but still give me larger looking eyes.

Illamasqua pencil in hex to open up my eyes.


  1. this is really helpful. thankyou so much,could you do a blogpost on essential makeup products for beginers?

  2. yeah course I will! and glad you found it helpful xxx

  3. Eyelashes! Where are they from please? :)

  4. they're from a brand called eye candy i think? I got them from TK Maxx as they always have good eyelashes at reduced prices xxx


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