Sunday, 22 July 2012

A little bit about me and makeup!

I'm fairly new to blogging and still trying to figure it out and many of you who are reading my blog most likely don't know me on a personal level or know what I can do with makeup as you haven't seen any pictures!

I don't think I'm a super professional at makeup, but I am proud of my work.
 I am a self-taught makeup artist at 16 and have been interested in makeup since I was very young. I love experimenting with makeup and love art. Makeup is something I enjoy doing.
I have started doing makeup professionally now, which I love love love! Getting paid is the bonus!

When doing makeup I believe a makeup artist should listen to the client.
Not everybody wants a dramatic look or simple look.
Some people like bright colours some don't.
I also think its important to do makeup that will suit the client. For example their eye shape or complexion. I've been upset so many times by a makeup artist giving them a specific description to how i have wanted my makeup done and they've just done what they think would look nice and made my eyes look smaller than they are!
Ok.. over with the rant...

Heres just a few looks I have created (on myself), sorry for the rubbish quality, all photos were taken off my iPhone or Macbook.
Comment tell me what you think/ how I can improve, put your ideas foreword they're appreciated!

Illamasqua inspired look. 'Goldigger'.


-Collections 2000 lasting perfection foundation& Illamasqua rich liquid
-Mac peachtwist blush
-Mac harmony blush (contour)
-Illamasqua liquid metal in electrum
-Illamasqua powder eyeshadow in spill & Moonflower
-Illamasqua fat pencils in fickle & wilful
-Illamasqua pure pigment in incite
-Illamasqua trash lipstick
-YSL dark brown from palette d'afrique
-Urban decay foxy
-Maybelline gel eyeliner

Rock chick inspired look


-Illamasqua rich liquid & Nars sheer glow foundation
-Illamasqua cream eyeshadow in thief 
-Illamasqua ambition blush
-Mac pearl cream colour base (highlight)
-Urban decay eyeshadow in pistol, gunmetal, foxy, virgin, tease and blackout
-Elf cream eyeshadow in ivory
-Barry M dazzle dust in 710
-Maybelline gel eyeliner
-Illamasqua pencil in eerie for lips

Green smokey eye


-Revlon photoready & Illamasqua rich liquid foundation
-Shimmery green eyeshadow
-Mac carbon eyeshadow
-Urban decay darkhorse eyeshadow
-Mac smoulder eye pencil
-Gosh eyebrow pencil
-Maybelline gel eyeliner
-Mac peaches blush

Dramatic arabic inspired look


-Mac studio fix fluid & Illamasqua rich liquid
-Mac gentle mineralize blush
-Mac harmony blush (contour)
-Mac pearl cream colour base (highlight)
-Urban decay eyeshadows in foxy, vanilla, evidence, blackout
-Bright red eyeshadow
-Silver glitter eyeliner
-Collections 2000 dust in magical
-Maybelline gel eyeliner
-Mac smolder kohl pencil
-Miss sporty eyeliner in 16 ocean
-Revlon really red lipstick

Holiday party 'Going for Gold' look


-Collections 2000 lasting perfection foundation & Illamasqua rich liquid
-Mac peaches blush
-Mac extra dimension whisper of gilt (highlight)
-Illamasqua liquid metal in electrum
-Maybelline colour tattoo in on and bronze
-Illamasqua eyeshadow in spill
-Sleek eyeshadow (storm palette), 1st on last row, 5th on last row
-Urban decay eyeshadow in naked, virgin, half baked, blackout, smog, darkhorse, creep
-Urban decay pencil in zero
-Bourjois clubbing mascara
-Illamasqua lipsticks in submit& climax



  1. yes nowwwww sanna ;)mashallah you look amazing and these styles are just wow! loveyou and keep it up, your doing an amazing job :)Annisha <3 xxx

  2. AWWW! Annisha!!!!! Thats well sweet Love you too <3 x

  3. Are you 16 or have been doing make up since 16?


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