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Matte lipsticks!

I think nowadays it is so hard to find a good matte lipstick in a good colour to suit your skin tone, most matt lipsticks I find are available in the more daring colours, & I find it hard to find a matt lipstick in a nice nude or neutral shade for everyday.
I am still trying to make my collection more broad, but so far this is what are my favourite matte lipsticks are and thought I would share with you guys so you can look at swatches and see which ones appeal to you too!

Matt Nude/Neutral lipsticks

Left to right- Mac 'kinda sexy', Revlon 'mauve it over', Illamasqua 'submit', Illamsqua 'climax'

For personal preference I don't like nude nude lipsticks where my lips are totally wiped out because I don't think it suits me as I have full lips, but all these colours work for my skin tone (mac nc25/nc30)..

Mac kinda sexy is a gorgeous nude/neutral lipstick with a pink undertone, however it appears different on different skin tones for example on fair skin it  appears more peachy than pink. I find Mac matte lipstick formulas not overly drying but I do find they dry after a while and they do feel heavy on my lips like I do have something on compared to my illamsqua lipsticks. In saying this though, Mac lipsticks do have really good staying power and the lipstick does not fade for hours (so I guess the drying formula has its pros).

Mac kinda sexy no flash rrp-£13.50

Revlon mauve it over is another gorgeous nude lipstick which is very similar to Mac kinda sexy at a much cheaper price! It has more of a peachy undertone but is a really good option for all skin tones, I even tried it on my friend who has a darker complexion and it looked great! Revlon matte lipstick formulas are creamy and i find them moisturising but still totally matt not giving that sheen or satin finish.

Revlon mauve it over  no flash rrp-£7.49

Illamasqua submit is a full on nude that totally wipes out my natural lip colour, but what I like to it that differs from other nudes that it has a peachy undertone so it doesn't give that concealor on lips look. It also works as a good base for  other lipsticks as I dab it on underneath (it doesn't need much to get colour payoff as it is quiet pigmented). The good thing about submit is that it can transform any other lipstick colour to a nude, by just dabbing any colour on top sheerly when applying this colour first. Illamasqua formulas are really moisturising and creamy, I don't find my lips dry out with the matt formulas.

Illamasqua submit no flash rrp-£15.50
Illamasqua climax is a medium pink colour, when worn from the tube to its full extent it probably wouldn't be classed as a nude.I class it as a nude as i just dab it on from the tube and it leaves this really pretty pink stain which is not in your face but a sort of 'my lips but better colour'.

Illamasqua climax no flash rrp-£15.50
Matte red lipsticks

Heres swatches of my favourite matt red lipsticks...

Left to right, Revlon in the red, revlon fabulous fig, revlon really red, avon matt m's chino, Illamasqua ignite, illamasqua drench

Revlon in the red- this is a neutral red, it doesn't have any obvious orange or blue undertones. It is in-between it really is 'in the red' and that perfect red that will look good on any skin tone.

Revlon fabulous fig- this is a dark red with a brown undertone, it is perfect for that vampy red or gothic red or even indian bridal red! I love this colour especially with less on the eyes and the colour brings all the makeup together and really brings out my skin tone.

Revlon really red- this colour is really popular and I've heard it is really similar to ruby woo by Mac but i still have to compare for myself as I don't own ruby woo. This colour is a vibrant/cherry red. I find it too bright for everyday wear but can wear it by applying it sheerly or as a stain.

Left to right, Revlon fabulous fig, in the red, really red rrp-£7.49

Avon matt m'schino- this is a dark red colour also good to give that vampy look, compared to revlon fabulous fig it has more of a blue undertone rather than brown so shows up as a true red. I love the formula for this lipstick as it is so creamy and just glides on! Also the lipstick is really pigmented and keeps my lips moisturised throughout the day.

Avon Matt M'schino (not sure of price got it ages back!)

Illamasqua ignite- This lipstick reminds me of lady danger by mac, it is a really vibrant red colour with an orange undertone. Perfect to add that wow factor. I really like the formula too and it doesn't feather which is a really good feature to have in red lipsticks.

Illamasqua ignite rrp-£15.50 no flash

Illamasqua drench- This is a stunning raspberry red! I love it, whenever I don't want that full on red I reach for this as it has a pink raspberry undertone so gives a dramatic look but not as full on as a red lipstick would give. It also really suits my complexion, I love wearing it!

Whats your favourite matt lipstick?



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