Sunday, 23 September 2012

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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Mac inspired triple winged liner

Hey all! Hope your all well...

I was browsing through the mac website & was really inspired by this picture!

I would love to recreate both these makeup looks on a model with similar eyes because my eyes are not the right shape for this look. I tried it and didn't like it so decided to recreate the triple wings but put my own stamp on it by blending a matt brown into the crease and pairing it up with bright red lips.

The lipstick I used was Illamasqua ignite. I wasn't sure if I should go for a retro red lipstick (revlon really red) or a bright orange (illamasqua blaze). I went with ignite because its red with a orange undertone- so I used both colours!

This look was surprisingly very simple (well if you exclude the triple winged liner). If you can't do the triple liner but still love this look, I think it would still look beautiful with just winged liner and liner underneath the eyes, still have a shot at trying it out.

Sanna's top tips for perfect triple winged liner

  • Use a really good brush! Pointed or angled or whatever you work best with really. 
  • You need a steady hand to achieve perfect liner so practise before hand- a good tip if you don't have a steady hand is to rest your elbow on a desk or book (something like that).
  • Use a cotton bud to clean up your line, this will help you get that beautiful long and pointed shape.
  • Use a kohl liner to trace your line first before going over it with your liquid or gel liner so you can prevent mistakes that are hard to get rid of 
  • Dont rush! Do one liner at a time and make sure you leave enough space in between to apply the white eyeshadow.
  • Do your concealor/foundation around your eye area before hand, otherwise it will be really hard to apply it after when all the lines have been completed.

Products used
-Illamasqua rich liquid foundation
-Sleek ultra matt darks palette
-Sleek storm palette (brows)
-Illamasqua ambition blush
-Illamasqua pure pigment in furore
-Maybelline gel liner
-Illamasqua intrigue blush
-Mac studio fix powder nw55 (contour)
-Illamasqua ignite lipstick

What do you think of this triple winged liner look? Will you be trying it out? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Arabic 'flamingo' look

Hey blog followers!

So yesterday I wanted to create a really dark smokey dramatic eye makeup look. I wanted to do a traditional Pakistani bridal look, but lately I have been inspired by all these Arabic makeup pictures so decided to go for that instead.
Revlon colour stay foundation
Illamasqua rich liquid foundation
Illamasqua concealor (underneath eyes)
Collections 2000 lasting perfection concealor (blemishes)
Sleek storm palette (brown for brows, black for eyes,)
Sleek Ultra matt brights palette (hot pink colour & purple, white for brow highlight)
Mac MSF in star wonder (cheeks)
Illamasqua Intrigue blush (inner & outer corner of eyes & sheer face highlight)
Illamasqua drench lipstick
Maybelline gel liner (upper and lower lashline)
I wanted a really dark smokey look with a pop of colour- so I chose black and hot pink. These colours went beautifully together although I should warn you this look takes a lot of blending! But with the help of my Illamasqua blending brush 1 this was no problem.

I also did a creative liner at the bottom by using a flat brush to get a really sharp angle at both ends and then used a pointed brush to perfect the shape. I used a matt white powder at the beginning and ends of my eyes and a lighter concealor underneath my eyes to really enhance the liner.

For this look I wasn't sure if I should do nude or bright lips. I thought because it was such a dramatic makeup look I tried out Illamasqua lipstick in drench- a deep raspberry pink. It really tied everything together!

For the cheeks seeing as everything was so matt, I applied Mac skinfinish in star wonder on my cheeks to give a nice pink glow and add luminosity to the look. I then took Illamasqua intrigue blush (matt white) and sheerly applied this on the tops of my cheekbones, the bridge of my nose, my chin and middle of my forehead as a highlight.

I guess this look would be perfect for that Arabic bridal makeup! Nevertheless, I loved trying this look out and think it would look lovely to a party, wedding or special occasion. I even think this look would look great with the pink substituted for a bronze or gold or any colour really!

What do you all think? Would you wear this look? Leave your thoughts in the comments below

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Monday, 10 September 2012

Get creative with makeup!

I thought today I would make a catch up blogpost on recent looks I have created and sort of inspire you guys out there who love makeup to get arty with it.

Makeup is like face paint! Use your face as a blank canvas and draw your ideas on it. I guarantee you will have so much fun and it will make you realise talent you thought you never had. Your makeup doesn't even have to be neat, as long as you have original ideas and the passion for it-you have already succeeded.

Quick attempt at anime eyes!

Get arty with eyeliner!
Using Illamasqua liquid metal in stoic
Sleek storm palette
Collections 2000 gel liner in teal
Illamasqua powder blush in intrigue

Mac inspired triple liner look
Mac inspired triple winged liner look
Blogpost coming soon!

Fierce eyes!

Vampy lips!
 Mac smolder eye kohl
Illamasqua Poisen lipstick
Illamasqua Intrigue blush

Michael James inspired gothic tears look!
Instead of a nude lip I wanted to try out vampy

Gothic tears look with a nude lip using Illamasqua hollow cream pigment.

'Winged' creative liner

Do you have any ideas for creative makeup? Leave them and your thoughts in the comments below!

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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Extreme contouring look and how to contour!

Today I fancied a change to what look I created, so I went for a extreme contouring look that only consisted of using 2 foundations, 2 powders and 1 pigment. This look was so simple and can be worn so naturally but I really amped it up making it look insane! I was inspired to do this look when I was looking through google images on contouring and this one just stood out to me and I really wanted to try it out.

Products Used-
Illamasqua rich liquid in RF140 & RF323
Illamasqua powder blusher in Intrigue
Illamasqua pure pigment in breathe
Mac Nw55 studio fix powder
Bourjois clubbing mascara
This look reminded me of the famous Kim Kardashian contouring method and also catwalk makeup! This heavy contouring looks so crazy up close, but from a distance it looks stunning, making features pop! I did highlighting and contouring but I will cover highlighting in another blogpost.

I have to warn you in advance, contouring is not easy- well maybe for some. I have been doing and practising makeup for ages and I have always found contouring difficult, but now I have mastered it & thought why not share my technique with you all.

So for all you beginners out there here are some questions you may want answering...

What is contouring?

Gives the appearance of a slimmer look, a straighter nose, slender cheeks, larger lid space, prominent cheekbones and even the reduced appearance of a double chin! It can be used for almost anything you want to blank out. It is basically shading our face.

Why do I need it?

I personally don't think anyone needs contouring because everyone looks beautiful natural. You don't always need makeup to make yourself look beautiful. You may want contouring to do anything of the above. Or maybe just to add that extra into your makeup so you can walk out the door feeling confident!

Where should I contour?

Brown colour contour, white is highlight
Sides of the nose, eye socket, underneath the cheekbone (hollows), temples, jawline, underneath bottom lip to create shade so it looks fuller & chin- but remember you don't have to contour in all these places- if you don't need it all, leave it girl!

What products do I need?

To contour you need a matt bronzer or matt brown toned blush shade a 2 or 3 shades darker than your skin tone. 

What products would you recommend?

Mac studio fix powder (get 2-3 shades darker than your natural skin tone), Sleek contour kit (comes in 3 shades and includes highlight!), Mac Harmony matt blush, Bourjois chocolate bronzer.

Sannas top tips & tricks for contouring

I contoured my bottom lip, cheekbones, eye socket, temples, jawline, neck and nose.

  • Use a light hand!  We don't want a harsh line where we are going to contour which is going to be such a pain to blend out and just end up looking so false!
  • Use buffing circular motions with your brush- When contouring the cheeks or temples using round motions with your brush this will prevent that harsh line and it will allow us to blend as we go along.
  • Follow your natural shape- don't try and contour to make your face appear so dramatically different! Just stick to your natural contours of the face and build on that to make them appear more distinctive. Going too over the top will just lead to a big mess!
  • In my opinion, never use a shimmery contour colour- Contour is going to create a shade which is why we need a matt colour- a shimmery colour defeats the purpose, you will just end up looking like a glitter ball! I think subtle shimmer is okay, only if your going for a natural contour look.
  • Spend time blending- Its worth it! For the eye sockets one of my tricks is winging the contour shade out to elongate my eyes, and apply the colour slightly above my socket to make my lid space appear larger.
  • Use soft brushes! I love the real techniques contour brush for my face and for my eyes and nose I love any tapered but fluffy & soft eyeshadow brush thats going to blend the colour out so nicely.
  • Use your finger to blend out that contour line! For my nose especially I create two lines going down each side of my nose to slender it and then I simply use my finger and run this on top of the line once or twice and it blends it out perfectly!
  • Don't use too much product on your brush! You will either get loads of fallout or a really dark line which is such a pain to blend and will look odd.
  • Use small even strokes applying the same pressure- You don't want a wonky line and this technique will help you get a straight line that will allow you to blend really easy after!
  • Practise- You need to practise to get it perfect. Practise a more natural contouring look first, then learn how to go dramatic with it and how to build it up which will look great on special occasions or events.

Good Luck with contouring, I hope you learnt something!

 Let me know how it goes in the comments below

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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Twiggy eyes in 5 minutes

I thought I would do a 1960s inspired look and was obviously inspired by the gorgeous Twiggy!
Her makeup was done to make her eyes appear round and almost droopy looking.

I created this eye makeup look in 5min- I only did one eye and I didn't do the face makeup because it was just a quick trial before bed, but nevertheless I think you guys will like it and you should try it at home.

All you need is 2 eyeshadows

A matt Black and white simple as that!

I used the matt black shade from the sleek storm palette and I used Illamasqua intrigue matt blush for my white. Both super pigmented powders that blend a dream!

Step 1 is prime your eyes or apply a white eyeshadow base. We want our white to really show up true to colour on our lids. Apply your white eyeshadow all over your lids and in the inner corner as a highlight and just a little underneath the lower lashline to highlight that too.

Step 2 is to draw a black curved line following the crease of your eye. Remember to apply this just above your natural crease line because we want our lid space to appear larger and this will create the illusion of that. Do this using a small angled brush and looking down into a mirror. If you have a steady hand go across with the black eyeshadow, if not use small strokes to get the straight line. Go over the line if you don't get it perfect. Remember you can always use a sharp eyeliner pencil if you find this easier or a liquid liner- but make sure it is matt!

Step 3 is using a small smudger brush, small domed brush or pencil brush, go above this black line with black eyeshadow. Make sure you don't blend the black line we created because we want this harsh. Don't wing the shadow out because we want to create the illusion of big oval eyes. Then take your white shadow and apply this on your browbone going slightly into the black just to blend the tops out.

Step 4 is to take gel liner and create a thick line on the top of your lid really close to your upper lashline. I created a tiny wing you can do this too-but you don't need to do this because we don't want to stretch the eyes out. I took my liner in the inner corner and did a point to add my own twist. Twiggy actually did her liner going downwards on the outer corner to create the illusion of droopy eyes- she did take her liner in the inner corner but she didn't connect it to the lower lashline like I did.

Step 5: Take your black shadow and trace on your lower lashline. Apply thick double lashes on the top and thin defined lashes on the bottom by flipping them over so the outer corner is at the end of your eye- make sure you pop them under your natural lower lashes so you don't ruin your lashes!

Your done! Leave questions and thoughts in the comments below

Love Always