Friday, 20 July 2012

Aspiring makeup artists. You need to try this!

Why is it so expensive when trying to build our kit?!

The first thing, when becoming a makeup artist you need good tools. Good tools can be expensive, we don't want to waste our money on crappy brushes or makeup that don't help us do our job to its full potential or we end up throwing away after a couple of months because they just are simply rubbish!
Investing in good makeup can be expensive, from experience I can give one piece of advice (yes it is a trap I also fell into but finally came to my senses)..

Don't fall for the designer name!

Many of us do it or have done. I can honestly say sometimes the £2 concealor beats the £13.50 each concealor (well to start off with of course until we get our business up and running).

Beauty on a budget: Concealor

For myself I love the Mac studio finish concealor and the collections 2000 lasting perfection concealor. But two different problems.

The Mac concealor (£13.50) comes in a range of shades which is really good, but hang on... £13.50 and I'm probably going to need at least 5 shades to work with if doing other peoples makeup and thats £67.50 of my budget gone! 

The collections 2000 lasting perfection concealor (£4.19) not too bad of a price for a really good concealor and amount but collections 2000 don't have many shades that would suit a lot of skin tones, and I don't want to be looking here and there for concealors and would rather stick to one brand name (to start off with). 

So I had a look on ebay...
I came across this concealor palette which first of all was from hong kong so i was like uh oh.. don't know how well it will perform etc, but for about £5 i thought you get 1 highlighter, 3 correctors and 11 concealors from really fair to really deep shades, How much harm can it do? To my surprise it was amazing. 
Really creamy and pigmented. 
15 colour concealor palette

from top row going down flash
no flash
no flash

Pros& Cons

-comes with a palette saves space!
-Can mix colours to create own shades
-Comes with correctors
-Goes from really fair to really deep shades
-Colours can be used to sculpt the face by creating highlight and contour using the shade variety
-You will have a concealor for every season!
-Good staying power!
-Price is so cheap!

-Concealors can get hard so need to be warmed up, I do this by using a hairdryer for about 1 second using your finger works too (but i find hairdryer quicker)
-Some colours come through as too pink so need blending into the skin or mixing with the yellow corrector

I find this palette really easy to work with and the price is just amazing for the product and amount you get, the concealors are easily blended into the skin by using a fluffy brush (I feel it gives the best natural finish), I would definitely purchase again if my concealors ran out, but i have a feeling they won't for a really long time!

What do you think? Would you consider purchasing this palette? 

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