Sunday 10 February 2013

Mac diva VS Sleek vamp

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This post is on a comparison between the famous Mac lipstick in diva compared to the Sleek vamp lipstick. Both these colours are very similar in colour and I thought I would dedicate a post to them both and let you decide if Sleek lipstick in vamp is worthy to be considered a 'dupe' for Mac diva. 

First Look

With flash
No flash
By looking at the lipsticks closely we can see the Mac diva lipstick has a richer colour. The sleek lipstick appears lighter and more red whereas the mac lipstick looks more burgundy and slightly more purple. 

With flash- Left- Mac diva. Right-Sleek vamp
No flash- Left- Mac diva, Right-Sleek vamp
On my skin we can see how the mac one appears more richer again and the sleek one is more red- the difference isn't very prominent, but when looking closer the mac one has a better colour payoff- I did two swipes of each lipstick. With no flash the lipsticks look almost identical. 

I snapped pictures of after I got a tissue and wiped away the lipsticks very gently. We can see more clearly the undertone of the lipsticks. The Mac one has left a purple stain and the Sleek one a dark red stain. Here we can still see how the mac one is more pigmented. 

With flash Left-Mac diva, Right- Sleek vamp
No flash Left- Mac diva, Right- Sleek vamp 

Sleek lipstick in vamp £4.99  3.5g

This lipstick is a dark red/burgundy colour with a matt finish. It is enriched with vitamin E so should protect your lips during the day and help maintain a soft texture.
The application of this lipstick was smooth, but I did find that the lipstick did apply a little bit bumpy as the lipstick was a little soft so the actual product didn't glide on as smooth as I would have liked.
The finish of the lipstick is a true matt and stays on for about 3-4 hours in full intensity-  it doesn't stick to dry patches on the lips and the formula overall for £5 is a total bargain!

Mac lipstick in diva £14.50 3g

This lipstick is a dark red/burgundy with a slight purple undertone and has a matt finish. It is a very rich lipstick and has amazing pigmentation one layer can give good coverage, whereas compared to the sleek lipstick two layers would give the same effect. It gives a slight more satin finish compared to the sleek lipstick. It has a really good staying power (about 5-6 hours at full intensity).

These lipsticks are very similar and honestly in terms of quality and application, I would reach for the Mac diva lipstick more, however I do think that the Sleek vamp lipstick is an amazing drugstore alternative and you get 0.5g more product and its only £5 compared to the Mac lipstick that is £14.50.
I wouldn't say it is a 'dupe' because they are not exact- but it is definitely a good alternative and I would wear the vamp lipstick as a toned down version of Mac diva.
I don't think its essential to own both- because they are very similar, and when on the lips you can hardly tell the difference unless you are paying very close attention.

If you apply 3 layers of the Sleek lipstick in terms of colour it looks almost identical to diva.

Which lipstick would you purchase? Let me know your thoughts on this 'dupe' in the comments below!

Sleek lipstick in vamp-
Mac lipstick in diva-

Top lip Sleek vamp, bottom lip Mac diva

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  1. I think I would get the sleek one just because it's so much cheaper! Great post and your make-up is amazing xx

  2. These colours are so gorgeous!

  3. Wow so pigmented! It's like blood. Love it.

    XX, IamJenniya

  4. beautiful colors!


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