Tuesday, 17 July 2012

So I went shopping to Illamasqua in leeds on the weekend and this is what I got..
-4X Rich liquid foundation.A really good full coverage foundation that can be sheered down to medium or light coverage, I love working with this foundation and think it gives a really nice semi matt finish so picked some up for my kit. The good thing is that you can always mix these colours together so you can come up with practically any shade!
-Medium pencil in hex. A skin coloured pencil which I thought would be great for my waterline, although it is peachy and not so bright like a  white pencil would be, I like the effect it gives as it looks more natural and not so much scary white line.

medium pencil in hex that can hardly be seen against my skin!

-Pure pigment in breathe- A nice pearly white colour which I figured would look lovely as a brow highlight applied sheerly or even on the lid to add some shimmer, or tops of cheekbones for that dramatic highlight

pure pigment in breathe

-Pure pigment in incite- I was not looking to purchase this when I went to illamasqua, but the makeup artist suggested it when I was talking to her about Indian bridal makeup and I am so glad I purchased! It is a lovely copper/bronze pigment that would look lovely on a typical indian bridal makeup

pure pigment in incite
-Powder eyeshadow in moonflower- a shimmery white/silver perfect for the tear duct or just under the brow

powder eyeshadow in moonflower

-Powder eyeshadow in spill- a dark burnt orange colour which would add warmth to any look

powder eyeshadow in spill
-Concealor- I actually got this for my mum as I already own some, its really good for covering up blemishes or dark circles due to its thick cake like consistency

-Liquid metal in electrum- I fell in love with this shade! It is a antique gold colour which i thought would be perfect for many looks! I love the consistency of the liquid metals as they are so smooth and easy to blend

liquid metal in electrum
-Lipsticks in blaze, climax, trash, submit, drench- I love matt lipsticks! It is so hard to find matt lipsticks in flattering shades, Mac don't have many in their range in the more wearable colours (although i really love kinda sexy), most of illamasquas lipsticks are matt! So i had to go crazy.. Trash was the most wacky purchase as it is a gold lipstick with a sort of matt, frost finish

From left to right, blaze, climax, trash, submit and drench
-Blusher brush 2- a really soft brush which i have used for liquid foundation so far and I am going to try how well it performs with contour, blush& highlight

-Eyelashes- sorry don't know the number! But they have this gorgeous criss cross design, but also look quite natural when on

And a big thank you to Illamasqua for my free gift which was the midnight pout set featuring sheer lipgloss in provoke& lipstick in ignite, which I have yet to try!

What Illamasqua products do you own and love?




  1. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo wowzer! just thought id let u know to add some hyperlinks so its more user-friendly instead of having to scroll a million years down! apart from that i like what uv done with it! and with the tips sect get videos up too!
    FOUSEY xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Awwwwww Love You too much my little cotton bud Allah tuki Jannat dey ;)xxxx


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