Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Make your own lipstick palette

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I posted a picture on Instagram not so long ago of me depotting my lipsticks putting them in a palette. I received quite a few questions on this so thought I would make a blogpost on it. This is a cheap, easy and travel effective way to store your lipsticks, if your like me and have loads and find it really space consuming to carry them everywhere with you then this may be a good solution for you! 

You will need

1. Lipsticks (duh)
2. Something to put the lipsticks in (either a empty palette or something else). I used a nail tip case. Its a good case because it is hard plastic (you don't want flimsy plastic because you want it to hold your lipsticks well and when we melt the lipsticks you don't want the plastic to melt too). This cost me £2.50 with tips. I just took the tips out and used the case. It clicks shut- which is great because we don't want our lipsticks drying out later.
3. A candle/lighter/flame
4. Spoon
5. Knife/spatula (something to scoop the lipstick out with)

1. Take your lipstick and scoop it all out with your spatula or knife. Make sure you get right at the bottom because a lot of product will be stuck there. So just go around with your spatula and then pop the lipstick out and place it on your spoon.

2. Then place your spoon underneath the flame. You will see the lipstick melting- this happens pretty quick too, when the lipstick has gone runny, thats enough time with the flame. Don't hold it too close to the flame- it doesn't take much to melt them. Don't worry about your lipstick as when we put it in the palette it will cool down and go back to its previous waxy properties. 

3. Carefully pour your lipstick in to the section of the palette you want it in. You will notice it will come to a straight level. This is going to make our palette look neat and also easier to work with than just scooping the lipstick in without melting. Less product will be wasted.

4. Repeat for all your other lipsticks. Leave the melted lipsticks in the palette to set- and they should in about 15 minuets. Don't forget to wipe your spoon and spatula/knife clean to prevent your lipstick colours changing/ getting mixed. 

If your depotting Mac lipsticks don't forget Mac have a back to mac programme where if you return 6 of their primary packaging containers (in this case I'm talking about any empty lipstick cases you may have when making this palette) you receive a FREE lipstick. For more information on this visit Maccosmetics 

I hope you all found this useful, let me know in the comments below if you will be trying this out

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  1. Great DIY


  2. wow I love your blog! haha this is a really clever idea, I may have to try it out! I'm a new follower by they way and it would mean a lot to me if you would take a look at my blog the link is underneath xxx


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