Sunday, 2 September 2012

Twiggy eyes in 5 minutes

I thought I would do a 1960s inspired look and was obviously inspired by the gorgeous Twiggy!
Her makeup was done to make her eyes appear round and almost droopy looking.

I created this eye makeup look in 5min- I only did one eye and I didn't do the face makeup because it was just a quick trial before bed, but nevertheless I think you guys will like it and you should try it at home.

All you need is 2 eyeshadows

A matt Black and white simple as that!

I used the matt black shade from the sleek storm palette and I used Illamasqua intrigue matt blush for my white. Both super pigmented powders that blend a dream!

Step 1 is prime your eyes or apply a white eyeshadow base. We want our white to really show up true to colour on our lids. Apply your white eyeshadow all over your lids and in the inner corner as a highlight and just a little underneath the lower lashline to highlight that too.

Step 2 is to draw a black curved line following the crease of your eye. Remember to apply this just above your natural crease line because we want our lid space to appear larger and this will create the illusion of that. Do this using a small angled brush and looking down into a mirror. If you have a steady hand go across with the black eyeshadow, if not use small strokes to get the straight line. Go over the line if you don't get it perfect. Remember you can always use a sharp eyeliner pencil if you find this easier or a liquid liner- but make sure it is matt!

Step 3 is using a small smudger brush, small domed brush or pencil brush, go above this black line with black eyeshadow. Make sure you don't blend the black line we created because we want this harsh. Don't wing the shadow out because we want to create the illusion of big oval eyes. Then take your white shadow and apply this on your browbone going slightly into the black just to blend the tops out.

Step 4 is to take gel liner and create a thick line on the top of your lid really close to your upper lashline. I created a tiny wing you can do this too-but you don't need to do this because we don't want to stretch the eyes out. I took my liner in the inner corner and did a point to add my own twist. Twiggy actually did her liner going downwards on the outer corner to create the illusion of droopy eyes- she did take her liner in the inner corner but she didn't connect it to the lower lashline like I did.

Step 5: Take your black shadow and trace on your lower lashline. Apply thick double lashes on the top and thin defined lashes on the bottom by flipping them over so the outer corner is at the end of your eye- make sure you pop them under your natural lower lashes so you don't ruin your lashes!

Your done! Leave questions and thoughts in the comments below

Love Always 




  1. Awww i love it wel need to go into store to pick up some eye shadows definatly going to give it a go thankyou :) kelly x

  2. This look is absolutely jaw dropping! You and I have very similar stories, I'm 17 too and started on makeup when I was around 12-13. Can't wait to read more of your jourkey, great work!
    -Imani Love

  3. Aww thankyou Imani, and that is great! Will be following your blog and look foreword to reading about your journey too!
    Lots of love Sanna

  4. Amazing Sanna! Love it =)



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