Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Sunset doll look

I was sat in my room wondering what look to do next, so I was going through my makeup drawer and found a orange pigment I haven't used yet so I thought I would create a orange/red/pink winged out eyeshadow on the upper lid and then do a pop of colour on the lower lash line. As I was using orange and reds, I thought why not add blue on the lower lash line and do a sunset look.

 I was really happy with the end result and added half lashes I cut up which were the Sarah Harding Girls Aloud lashes by eyulur and put these on the top and bottom lash line to give the look a doll feeling. I didn't want too much shimmer with this look, so I used mostly matt eyeshadows and used a dewy foundation to add that glow to my skin.


To start off with I applied urban decay primer potion all over my lid so the colours will appear more vibrant and have something to stick to.

Then I applied tape going up from my lower lash line to give me a crisp line.

I then buffed a tiny amount of collections 2000 lasting perfection concealor over my lid using my
Illamasqua blending brush 2 to even out my skin tone a little.

Then I applied a orange pigment using a flat brush to my inner corner and slightly on my lower and upper lash line.

I then took Illamasqua spill eyeshadow on my Illamasqua blending brush one and using back and forth motions I blended this half way through my crease.

After this I took Illamasqua spill on a flat shader brush and the bright orange from the sleek acid palette and packed this colour on my lid.

Then I took the bright pink from the sleek brights palette (5th colour 1st row) and blended this like I did with the orange on the remaining part of my crease until it met the end of the tape.

Then I used my brush just to bind the orange and the pink together where they meet so its all blended.

I took the two pink shades from the sleek brights palette and packed this till it met the end of the tape and the orange. Then I made sure again everything was blended.
I needed a really dark/off black shade which I didn't have so I took the purple from the sleek brights palette and urban decay black out on my Illamasqua blending brush 1 and used this colour on the outer V of my eye and slightly blending into the outer part of the crease.

If you need to apply more pink or orange go back and do this because blending does loose a lot of pigment from the eyeshadow.

I then took a bright matt red from the sleek 2012 collection glory palette and packed this where the orange and pink met and blended everything together.

For brow highlight first I applied Urban decay foxy with bootycall on top, then I went in with Illamasqua intrigue blush (matt white) to make my highlight more dramatic.

I removed the tape and where the crisp line was I just blended over it with my Illamasqua blending brush 1 to soften it and make it less harsh.

Using the 2 shimmering blue colours from the sleek acid palette, I applied firstly the lighter one near my inner corner then the darker blue as I got near to the end. Then right on my outer corner I applied a tiny amount of black eyeshadow to darken the blue further.

Illamasqua pencil in hex was applied in my waterline and mac smoulder pencil was drawn on the outer half of my lid then pulled out into a wing with an angled brush.

I cut up my Sarah Harding eyelashes to make half lashes. I stuck the first part of the lashes on the outer corners of my lower lash line and I stuck the second part of the lashes on the outer part of my upper lash line.

I used eyelash adhesive on a synthetic brush on the inner corner of my lid like I would with liner and then took a light orange glitter and applied it where the eyelash glue was.

I used mascara on the outer half of my lashes to bind them and the false ones together.


For foundation I used Revlon colorstay in sand beige in the formula normal/dry skin with my elf angled foundation brush.
I went in with collections 2000 lasting perfection concealor in medium in areas where I needed extra coverage (under the eyes, blemishes etc). I used Illamasqua buffing brush to do this. I have also found this brush especially useful for applying concealor underneath my eyes when I have eyeshadow on as it does not disturb the makeup whatsoever!
Then I filled in my brows using the matt brown shade from the sleek storm palette on my angled brush.


I used Illamasqua Hussy on my cheeks which is a bright beautiful corally candy pink. 
For highlight I used Illamasqua intrigue blush (matt white) to add brightness to the makeup. I then used Mac MSF in star wonder just underneath the intrigue blush but on top of hussy.

I didn't put anything on my lips simply because I have braces now and find it really uncomfortable for some reason haha!
Lipsticks I think that would look great with this look would be ...
Illamasqua blaze (bright orange)
Illamasqua climax (nude pink)
Illamasqua Welt (deep magenta pink)
Mac snob (blue based baby pink)
Mac st germain (bubblegum pink)
Revlon mauve it over (nude pink)
Or any peachy lip colours/lipsticks would look great too! 

Remember its a sunset doll look, go girly with it! Rock it how you like it 

Will you be trying this look out? If so send me pictures I would love to look at them at 

Don't forget to leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Love Always 




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