Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Primer: Why do we need it?

Today I thought I would tell you about primer, its uses and why we need or don't need it.

When we paint a wall we use primer, right?
It can mean the difference between an excellent paint job and one with glaring mistakes. Primer can make your wall shine!

Same with a face!

The primer you need will vary on what type of skin you have. If you have oiler skin you may need primer to control oil, or if you have dry skin you may need primer to add moisture to your skin. Or maybe simply because your foundation does not sit on your skin very well at all!
Primer acts like a barrier between your moisturiser and foundation. It is going to fill in pores and make your skin become a smoother surface for foundation application.

Remember primer doesn't always work for everyone and most of us don't even need it! The people who I would recommend to try a primer is people with really oily skin or using it on a special occasion where lots of photos will be taken to give the skin a flawless appearance. Primer can help the the foundation we use glide on smoother on our skin and our makeup will last longer with it.
You can also get primers to correct redness on the skin or correct any undertones we have to our skin we do not like (colour wheel theory). The same way there are primers on the market to add luminosity, hydration, help with older skin etc.

My top foundation primers

-Illamasqua satin primer (dry skin). I use this on myself and instead of applying it before my foundation I mix it in with my foundation and it gives my makeup such a nice healthy glow. It also makes my foundation last longer and makes my skin feel smoother. It contains UVA and UVB filters so it will not only make your skin look good but it will protect it too!

-Illamasqua matt primer (oily skin). This primer is great for people with oily skin who want their face to remain matt throughout the day. It controls oil and also makes sure makeup does not fade throughout the day, it also contains UVA and UVB filters taking care of your skin throughout the day.

 RRP- £19.50 for 30ml

-Gosh velvet touch primer (oily-normal). This also controls oily skin and prolongs wear of foundation. It contains silica so gives the skin a velvety feel.  This primer is perfume and preservative free so will be good if you have sensitive skin. This is a dupe for Smashbox photo finish primer at nearly half price!

RRP- £12.99 for 30ml

-Smashbox primers (award winners)! Smashbox have a primer for every single skin type.

RRP- £25 for 30ml

-Benefit porefessional- Minimizes the appearance of pores and controls oil keeping makeup or skin matt throughout the day.

RRP-£23.50 for 22ml 

Most of you will ask, which one shall I try?!

Ok. First ask yourself do I really need a primer? If so why? Is it nothing a moisturiser can't fix?

If not get to the shops and go try one out!

For oily skin I would recommend the Gosh primer it is excellent and affordable at £12.99 for 30ml
click here 

For dry skin I would recommend Illamasqua satin primer (I use it and love it) £19.50 for 30ml only about £5.50 more than the Gosh which is a drugstore brand! Illamasqua have a web exclusive kit which is a rich liquid foundation with either the matt or satin primer for only £30, if they were bought separately it would come to £41. That is a saving of £11!
Visit Illamasqua for this awesome offer here

Do you use a primer? Why or why not? Let me know in the comments below

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