Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation Review

Hey guys, so to all of you who read my blog, follow me on instagram and all that good stuff will already know when I apply my base when doing looks (on myself or on clients) I swear by the Illamasqua rich liquid.


By no fail when doing a dramatic look I ALWAYS use this foundation! On clients especially using this foundation is more convenient for me because it is so full coverage I don't need to use tons of concealor to get a flawless finish. In fact I don't use much of this foundation at all to get a really good result because it is so pigmented- which is saving me lots of money!

For those of you out there who are looking for a full coverage foundation I 110% recommend Illamasqua rich liquid foundation, retailing at £21.50 for 30ml it is not badly priced at all! Unless you have really really really bad skin you will not use more than a small pea amount. I suggest mixing the foundation with moisturiser or another foundation for good smooth results. This foundation can cling to dry patches on the face so make sure you moisturise fully before using this.

I honestly can't rave about this foundation enough! I know some people use it as a concealor because of its thick consistency. I think this foundation is great for anyone to keep in their makeup kit so when they are having a bad skin day they can pop a bit into their regular foundation for extra coverage, or apply it on problem areas or even keep it for special occasions like weddings or parties when we want our skin to look perfect. This foundation also pictures really well, it has a matt finish so is excellent for oily skins. Illamasqua have a great shade range starting at white to black (literally)! Their foundations either have a pink, yellow or neutral undertone which is great-because we can actually find our skin colour!

Investing in the pure white foundation can be a handy tool if you have really fair skin and can never find the right shade, then you can add the white to lighten your foundations. I find it hard to find foundations with a really strong yellow undertone as even neutral undertones are too pink for my skin because I am so yellow! So I use the Illamasqua rich liquid in RF140 which has a strong yellow undertone which i mix with my foundations to get my desired shade.

Overall I feel words can't express my love for this foundation because I can't imagine not having it in my kit, I have used it on skin with acne, redness, sensitivity, pigmentation and it has not failed me! £21.50 is a total bargain for what your getting in this bottle. This is so full coverage I've even used it to cover out eyebrows. Now.. some of you may find that scary but you need such a tiny tiny amount for a full coverage look! Literally a dot on the back of your hand which means this bottle will last you forever!

Take my advice and if your unhappy about your skin or you're looking for a full coverage foundation try the rich liquid, ask for a sample at your local Illamasqua counter I'm not sure if they give samples but theres no harm in asking!

Visit Illamasqua for more details on the rich liquid and check out their other products (you will not be disappointed)!

Have you tried the rich liquid foundation? What are your thoughts on it and what are your favourite Illamasqua products?

Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I havent tried the rich liquid, but after reading this blog am going to buy 1 now. Thankyou soo much the work you put out is phenomenal Xx

  2. Roxana Here ya'll!!!!I'm dying to try the rf but i have no idea what is my mac shade is NC30 can someone tell me what would that be in illamasqua rich liquid foundation

  3. Hey Roxana! You really need to try this! Mac NC30 is Rich liquid shade RF200
    Let me know how you like it when you purchase
    Love Sanna

  4. If I'm golden beige with loreal true match what shade would I be?

  5. Hi... i would like to know what shade i am. I am mac nc35. Thank you in advance. I liked your review a lot. Do you like a full coverage foundation better now?

  6. I am Double ware soft beige. What colour would I choose?

  7. My mac colour is NC15 can someone tell me what shade I would need


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