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3 beauty products you must own: Review

So lately I have noticed I've bought so much makeup but these 3 products I have been constantly using.
For Eid I went to birmingham to go see family so I ended up doing a lot of makeup there and still I used these 3 products. These products in my opinion are all amazing and worth the price! Just so you guys know, products I will tell you about on my blog and reccommend are all products I sincerley believe are worth the money and are really good quality, no lies just the truth!

1. Maybelline eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel liner

Claims- A intense colour that is smudgeproof and waterproof, 24 hours lasting power

My Thoughts

 This product is intensely pigmented ( I have it in black), it does not smudge- even on oiler lids, it is waterproof but at the same time easy to remove (which is great, we don't want to be scrubbing our eyes at the end of the night)!
This product also comes with a nice brush. It can create thin or thick lines depending on what look you want to acheive and can work with creating cat liner. Its nice to see a good quality brush has come with this gel liner which you dont normally get! The brush is also a nice size (not them really mini ones I find hard to grasp in my hand never mind do my liner with).
 I would say this is a dupe for Mac fluidline in blacktrack. It is very creamy and does not dry out even when you leave the lid open- which I always do by accident. I use gel liner so often and I havn't even nearly reached half way!
So this product will last you ages, you can even use it on the waterline- and it stays on all day! I don't know if it stays on for 24 hours (come on who is going to wear eyeliner for that long), but I do know it stays on all day without smudging even in hot, humid conditions.
The packaging of this product is very nice aswell (not cheap looking) its in a glass jar with a plastic lid it is nice, round and small to fit nicely in my makeup bag.

What more could you want for only £7.99 (3g)  with a brush when compared to Mac your paying £14 for the same amount of product and NO BRUSH?!

2. Sleek Ultra Matte Palettes

Claims-  intensely creamy, highly pigmented colours that are super-blendable. These mineral-based eyeshadows are so smooth in texture they are ideal for contouring eyes and creating multi-dimensional looks.

My Thoughts

These eyeshadows are intensely pigmented! I can compare these to Illamasqua eyeshadows. I own other sleek palettes but these matt ones have impressed me the most! There are 2 Sleek matt palettes (brights & darks).
The colours in the palettes are so beautiful and will suit every skintone, obviously you don't need to own both palettes, if your more daring with eyeshadow go with the brights if you want a more neutral palette with deeper colours choose the darks palette. I was suprised with the white in this palette as I find drugstore white eyeshadows to be chalky (and this was the case with some of the other sleek palettes with white in it) however in this palette the white is not chalky at all. I have to say it isn't as opaque and pigmented as Illamasqua intrigue blush (which is a matt white), but still the white works! Actually the fact that the white is not too opaque is good as it doesnt give a scary false white appearance to the eyes when applied as a highlight (and it can be built up).
The matt eyeshadows all blend out really good! It takes virtually no effort, just using buffing circular motions with the brush very slightly to blend this colour out.
The packaging I like too. The palettes have 12 pressed eyeshadows in them and are packaged in a nice flat, black compact with a lovely mirror. This is great as there is no bulky packaging so they don't take up much space and if your like me and have been collecting them- you can just stack them up in your makeup drawer. When your doing your eyeshadow the mirror is really handy. It a perfect size (not too small or big) and because the palettes include a range of colours you have all the colours you need for one look in a palette.

£7.99 for 12 pigmented eyeshadows that blend a dream... definately a good buy!

3. Illamsqua blending brush 1

Claims- Mould and shape your eye make-up to perfection. Illamasqua Blending Brush 1 has been expertly designed for use with both cream and powder textures, and it's moulded shape is perfect for a soft diffusion of colour or defined blending.

My Thoughts

This brush will change the way your eye makeup looks. Really.
This brush is so soft and nicely tapered that it will not only blend out harsh lines- giving a soft blended look but it will also allow you to give a defined shape to your eye makeup. This brush is made of synthetic hairs so can be used with cream products, I have used this brush with cream pigments by Illamasqua and it has applied them beautifully! This brush is great for buffing in concealor or precise application of eyeshadow such as applying highlight in the tear duct.
 I can 110% say the claims Illamasqua make on their brush is correct!
This is why I just love Illamasqua as a brand. When you go to a makeup counter they don't force their products on you, they listen to the customer and are so friendly, they give free makeup tips in store and they have sales! Whats not to love?
I also love the appearance of the blush, black with the Illamasqua logo in white at the end of the brush. Very elegant and not too made up- just how I like it... at the end of the day its a makeup brush. I don't like brushes that are really over the top- most of the time the design rubs off anyway. What are we paying for a good brush or a fancy one?
I guess the only downfall for this brush for some is the price £20.50 .  Regarding quality, I think this is a reasonable price, but obviously for somebody who doesn't wear eyeshadow alot may not want to spend this much on single brush. When you look at other higher end brands on the market their brushes are so pricey compared to Illamsqua. I do however think the Illamsqua brush it an investment that is worth purchasing.

Why not give it a try?

Do you own any of these products? Share your thoughts in the comments below

Love Always




  1. Thankyou sanna your doing an amazing job your soo talented at what you do keep it up :) X

  2. I have one of the sleek palettes and I love it! totally agree with your reveiw really good quality stuff

  3. Aww good stuff Sara! and the first comment thankyou! Please leave your name so I know who I'm tnanking haha really appriciate it xxx

  4. Hey Sanna, really good quality products! I always use the Maybelline Gel Liner and you're right it is essential to get a fine look. It works wonders for my eyes...keep up the awesome blog work :)
    Asma xxxx


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