Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Arabic look inspired by misschievous!

For you guys who watch makeup tutorials then you should know misschievous...

If not I am really shocked, she is amazing! Her looks are so diverse she does gothic, theatre, haloween makeup to celebrity inspired and party makeup. I personally love her tutorials and can gather so many new ideas from watching her and techniques.

I can't put up her look that I was inspired on here because of copyright reasons but definitely check out her tutorial on this look, its in german but she has english subtitles.

Sleek ultra matt bright & darks palettes
Illamasqua Intrigue blush
-Illamasqua hex pencil
-Maybelline gel liner

This look uses all matt eyeshadows and is very dramatic. It would be perfect for parties and special occasions or just for trying out if your not comfortable with the whole double winged look. Julia lives in switzerland if I am correct and used a brand called Catrice for her eyeshadows. This is a german drugstore brand and so me living in England didn't have any access to these products. However... with what I had I recreated her look. I don't think It's always necessary to have the exact same products when wanting to recreate a look, make use with what you have!

How I created this look!

First I started off with applying a eyeshadow base (maybelline colour tattoo in tough as taupe)  to prevent creasing and so the colours appear more vibrant. I used the sleek ultra matt brights & darks palette for the eyes. These palettes are so amazing! Their colour payoff is super pigmented and the eyeshadows are so easy to blend!

Then I took the light grey eyeshadow from the sleek ultra matt brights palette and applied this all over my lid (to get a sharp edge apply tape from your lower lash line going up). Then I took the darker grey from the sleek ultra matt darks palette and applied this on the outer edge of my eye. 

On the outer edge I then added the brown shade from the sleek ultra matt darks palette and blended this colour on the outer wing and blending it slightly in the crease to define it. To make this wing darker I took the black shade and applied this right on the end of the wing to make this area darker and more dramatic. Make sure not to apply too much black or it will take away from the brown smokey eye we have going on. 

For the lower lash line I took the teal shade (1st colour top row) from the sleek ultra matt darks palette and applied this underneath the lash line thicker than I normally would because we want the teal to peak through the black gel liner we are going to apply later. Take this teal shade going up leaving a small gap between the top brown wing we have. Do this on a angled brush to get a nice precise point with the teal eyeshadow. Add some black eyeshadow to the root of the lower lashes to darken the teal a little on the outer edge. Add your brow and inner tear duct highlight- white shade from sleek palette for brows (less harsh) and illamasqua intrigue for inner corner.

Then take elf cream eyeliner in ivory or a white eyeliner and between the two wings brush this across. On top of this apply a matt white eyeshadow (I used Illamasqua blusher in intrigue because it is so pigmented). This will intensify the white and also give a good contrast between the two colours making the eyeshadow pop. Then apply a white eyeliner in your waterline. I don't own one so I took a skin coloured liner (Illamasqua hex) and applied this in my waterline then applied Illamasqua intrigue on a angled brush on top of the liner.

The hardest part of this look is the gel liner. I used maybellines gel liner. On a pointed or angled liner brush (whichever you find easiest) line your upper lash line and create a dramatic wing. Make sure this is in the lines of the brown eyeshadow. Then take your gel liner slightly in your tear duct area by carrying the line on straight. Then join it up to connect it to your lower lashline (it should come to a point). Then take your gel liner underneath the lashline and carry it to the lower wing (make sure it finishes at a point to look perfect)! I did both my wings the same length but you can do one longer, one shorter etc. Remember practise makes perfect, the winged liner is the trickiest bit!

I hope you enjoyed reading on how I created this look! Don't forget to leave me a comment on your thoughts 

Love Always 



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