Thursday, 30 August 2012

August Favourites

So its the last day of August and I thought I would share with you guys what beauty products I have been enjoying this month.

Illamasqua blending brush 1 and 2

Both these brushes are amazing.
 I did a mini reveiw on the blending brush 1 in a previous blogpost to read it click here. Im not going to bore you and repeat everything I did in that blogpost but to sum it up, blends eyeshadow effortlessly, so easy to clean, really soft and made of synthetic fibres so can be used with creams too! The price of this brush is £20.50, pricey for a little brush but definately worth it if your looking for that brush to blend out harsh lines, buff in concealor or make your eye makeup look flawless!

The blending brush 2 I got in the Illamasqua sale for £15, its RRP is £23.50. It is a larger version of the blending brush one but it is less densely packed which means it is great for buffing in product. I personally LOVE this brush for concealor and foundation. It really buffs the product into the skin so makeup doesn't sit on the skin which makes it resistant to sliding or coming off throughout the day. This brush means you use less product and for concealing under eye circles it does such a brilliant job. If you have heavy eye makeup this is great for concealing around the eye area once again because it does not disturb the eyeshadow. 

To see these brushes visit 

Collections 2000 lasting perfection concealor

This concealor is so great! It is a full coverage concealor and hides any blemishes, uneven skin or dark circles. This concealor is such a great product for the price. It actually is comparable to higher end concealors. I would compare it to Estee Lauder double wear concealor and say this is better! This really comes in handy when I have to rush out the door I just pop concealor on, curl my lashes apply some mascara and I'm out! I love to use this with my Illamasqua blending brush 2. 

Shu uemura eyelash curler

1- no concealor, 2-concealor and curled lashes,
3-Bourjois volumizing mascara step 1, 4-Bourjois volumizing mascara step 2

Ok so I can definitely say this lives up to the hype. I always wear lashes- I hate my short, straight lashes and instead of piling on the mascara, I would rather stick a pair of natural falsies on, their easier and look better. Since I've tried this curler I feel like I don't need lashes! It curls my lashes so easily with one little squeeze of the curler, it doesn't pinch on my skin and my lashes stay up all day! It is pricey at £21 for a little bit of metal, but the results makes it worth it! The curler is so sturdy, I can't imagine it breaking anytime soon, so definitely a long term investment. 

Bourjois volumizer mascara

This mascara coats my lashes with no clumps and the brush is really good for defining your lashes. I love that it has two steps- the 1st step I use to define my lashes and then the second to add volume. This mascara also can be removed so easy even when you apply layers (which is what I do), so it makes life easier at the end of the day! RRP-£10

Illamasqua Intrigue blush

This colour is really pigmented. I use this as a eyeshadow to highlight my eyes and also as a dramatic highlight when doing dramatic looks and I just love it. I haven't come across a white (even a eyeshadow) that is as pigmented as this. You just have to touch it with your brush and you get a good payoff which means the product will last you ages and for £16.50 thats not bad! 

Sleek Ultra matt brights palette and Storm palette

The sleek palettes are amazing, I love their colours and pigmentation and for their price they are a really good buy! Below is swatches of my favourite colours from the brights palette (which I have been loving for fun looks) and a brown shade from the storm palette which I am loving for my brows! It is a lovely mid toned brown shade that looks perfect on my brows. You can see how this colour looks on my brows by checking out my previous blogposts where I have done my brows using this shade. 

£7.99 visit here to look at all the different palettes

What are your August favourites? Let me know in the comments below!

Love Always 



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