Tuesday, 23 October 2012

DRAG : Halloween makeup ideas

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Im so sorry, I havn't blogged in a while because I have been so busy! I have a few blogposts lined up for you all in the next week or so...

Now on to the halloween looks!
 I have two main looks lined up for you, the first one is drag, and the second vampire/goth look. For these looks I will be explaining how you can achieve them.

The Eyebrows

Now, for this look this is what will take up the most time as you will need to cover them! Using glue or spirit gum/wax whichever you own (I used glue), using a spatula apply on your brow flattening down your brow hair. Don't worry- this washes off so easy your brows won't fall off. Then apply a colour corrector if you own one (something peachy or sammony) or if not just go ahead with applying concealor on your brows, patting for the best coverage. Now we have no brows we need to draw some new ones higher than our original ones, using a matt black shadow (I used urban decay blackout) and a angled brush draw your template of your brow and then fill in (try and make them thin and long which is what drag queens normally have)!

On to the eyes...

Start by applying a eyeshadow base, I used maybelline colour tattoo in eternal gold. Apply this all over your lid.
Then cut your crease using a angled brush and black eyeshadow and go higher than you normally would because remember our brows are higher giving us more lid space. Apply black shadow right where we cut the crease and then blend out. Make the ends of the eyes more dramatic by applying more shadow there so it becomes more elevated.
Apply a gold shimmering eyeshadow on the lid space (I used urban decay half baked) and a white shadow on the brow bone and inner corner (I used Illamasqua intrigue blush)
Using a gel liner, create thick cat liner extending it so it meets your eyebrow to really give it that drag queen feel.
To finish off the eyes apply black liner in the waterline and black shadow underneath the eyes

 The face

Apply your foundation as usual, but use a thicker coverage. 
Taking a paper or something like that, place it where you would normally contour and using a contour brush sweep the brush down the end of the paper (on your skin) and then brush your contour shade back and forth (I used mac studio fix in nw55
Contour the sides of the nose (quite heavy we want it to be noticeable) and underneath the lip
Highlight the centre of the nose, tops of cheekbones, forehead and chin (I used illamasqua intrigue blush which is a matt white)
For more information on contouring click here 

The lips

Using a brown lipliner a couple of shades darker than your natural skin tone slightly overdraw your lips (I used Illamasqua uncanny)
Highlight your cupids bow either with a shimmering nude eyeshadow or matt white eyeshadow
Fill your lips in with a nude or pinky lipstick (I used mac kinda sexy
Apply a gloss in the middle to give your lips that plumpness and fullness 

REMEMBER- be creative take what bits you want for the looks for example the lips, eyes or cheeks. Whatever you do.. just have fun with it!

What are you going as for Halloween? Leave your comments below

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